Which AKB48 member is No.1 on China’s Weibo (新浪微博) Social Media Channel

  April 12, 2012

According to Seachina news, AKB48 is enormously popular among Chinese fans. But the announcement of graduation from Atsuko Maeda last 25th Mar generated a surprising sensation in 新浪微博 for even Seachina news who closely keep following the reception of AKB48 in China.

A reporter for the news site wrote, “It was about 9PM 25th Mar, when I first heard about her graduation announcement. I knew it through twitter’s hot words. I tried to report it to Chinese fans through my account on Weibo, but then I found this topic has already become a hot topic in Weibo.”

By the way I never knew her nickname is 阿醤 among Chinese fans!! What does this stand for??

The reporter introduced some comments from Chinese fans on her graduation declaration.

“I wish I was noticed that it was a false news or lie when I get up tomorrow…”


Ranking in Election in the right column,
Followers on Weibo in the center column  
“I must regret this decision!!”
“I am thrilled with this news…. How come she go away leaving fans!? AKB still needs you!”
“I’m in a melancholic mood…”
“How come!?!”
“阿醤 is not my Oshi-Mem (my favorite), but AKB without 阿醤 is not AKB!!!”
“I beg you, please don’t graduate AKB!!!”
“The mother nature opposed to her graduation!!! She responded to it with the earthquake!! (There was a minor earthquake off shore Fukushima.)”
“It hurts….”
“I can’t give up her..
“I’m so sad. I already cried countless times tonight…”

These messages were sent to the reporter’s account by Chinese fans… and this is only a part of all messeges he got. This reminded me of the huge popularity of  阿醤 and AKB48 in China, but he also stated his confusion of getting so many message to him not AKB. lol

The reporter previously wrote the post “Why AKB48 is so popular in China. 2 unlikely reasons”, and revealed that major members of AKB48 have official Weibo accounts. (according to him, the members have V mark, which means they are certified for identification). This time he dug those account a little more and found the member who has the most follower is….  surprisingly… NOT 阿醤. He made a top-10 ranking of Weibo followers numbers of those members.

It revealed the puzzling fact that  阿醤, who won the last general election is ranked 10th!!! He briskly asked the reason to Chinese fans through Weibo. And.. he got answers right after posting question.
“Miyazawa (宮澤りえ), Akimoto(秋元さやか), Umeda(梅田), Masuda(増田) came to the very first shake-hand event in Shanghai.”
“Those 4 created Weibo accounts earlier than other members.”
“Watanabe (Mayuyu), Shionoda (Mariko), Itano (Tomochin), Kojima (Kojiharu), Maeda (Acchan), those 神8 (神7??) tweet less often than others.”
By the way, how come Mariko and Kojiharu tweet less often than others!?!? They tweet the funniest things the most often!!! But maybe they don’t use Weibo as a main source of communication.. I can’t say anything, since I don’t even know what Weibo is….
Back to the reporter. Among many replies he got, the reason he was impressed the most was…
“AKB followers in China check not only Weibo accounts but also their G+. Top5 members in China tweets exclusive message for fans on Weibo, not just translation of their G+ or Twitter.”
Then he checked Sae Miyazawa’s Weibo account, who ranked no.1 in the ranking.

He cites one of her tweet which starts with “Ni Hao (弥好)”, which means she consciously tweet this for Chinese fans. That said, the reason Miyazawa, Akimoto, Kobayashi, Umeda and Masuda raked high is because of the quality of their tweets in part, he said.

In ending statement, he said Chinese fans’ comments on AKB48 in Weibo give important insights for those who aims for doing business in China and hoping to gain Chinese fans for their products.

After reading his article, I headed over to Weibo, hoping to find those members account, especially I wanted to take a look at Sae-chan’s account, only to find it’s disastrously difficult to navigate myself through all-Chinese website….  I don’t even know users of Weibo is only mainlanders or Taiwanese, Singaporean and Hong Kongers use the SNS too…. Maybe I learn some Chinese from my friends from Singapore…
Source Serchina