Kawaii to Doyagao, Otagrapher Mariko Transformed Takamina into An Actress

  May 1, 2012

Yesterday’s Primina photo taken by photographer Shinoda turned out it was taken during the filming of TV Ads together with Tomochin and Akicha (Takajo).

Takamina who unveiled (or revived) her cutest look, though we all know she sometimes show us girly face expressions which always captures our hearts, didn’t end it just a sweet girly story, but as a captain of team A, she of course gave us a chance to smile.

It looks like Takamina completely knows how to make faces and freely move from one end (Kawaii) to the opposite end (Doyagao). But we must not forget this is not only about Takamina but a creation of our maestro Mariko, and once again we confirmed that shy Takamina can totally be a model in front of her dear old friend and comrade Mariko.