Election Interview: Aika Ohta and Rie Kitahara

  May 15, 2012
Interview with Rie Kitahara and Aika Ohta, from paper issue of Nikkan Sport.
Rie Kitahara ObamaRie Kitahara Drawn by Haruka Ishida
She is not particular about ranking. “I haven’t set a particular goal, but… since I was at 13th last year, maybe 12th place and Media Senbastu will be my goal…. !? What? there’ll be no media Senbatsu this year?? I hadn’t known that..lol Anyway, I want to do my best together with my fans and at least I want to be in top16 as I’m aiming at 12th!”

Last year, top-12 members were selected for Media Senbatsu, and had starred in TV shows or Magazines for PR of their election single ‘Flying Get‘. Though the abolition of Media Senbatsu has announced a long before, it seems she hasn’t cared about it at all.

But there’s a thing she cares about much.

“Last year, while some fans were pleased with my result, there also were some fans who expressed their regrets to me saying to me ‘I’m sorry that we couldn’t have made you be into top -12′. Fans’ sentiment was divided into these two polar opposites. This year I want my election result will make my fans consolidated.” she talked. With this ‘Always care about fans first’ mentality in mind, she is setting out to be top12.
Aika Ota Majisuka Gakuen
“Never lose the hope to be Senbatsu”, that’s the Catchphrase of Lovetan for the upcoming election. She was placed at 20th in the first election, making her Senbatsu for the first election single,   Iiwake Maybe. But in the following 2 election, she was at 22th then 25th, couldn’t have made herself Senbastu members.

“I understand the result of the first election was a miracle for me. The third time’s the charm. This year I gotta be in Senbatsu.” she talked tenaciously.

Though her dream is to become a professional Seiyu, she hadn’t selected for Seiyu Senbatsu for Anime AKB0048. “I guess from viewpoint of Anime fans, it can’t be acceptable that idols do Seiyu roles. I want to do Seiyu for normal Anime (not AKB themed ones).
To realize this dream, she will never lose her hope for Senbatsu.

Of course these two girls will not just face off in the election but Subunits they belong to will also face each other as both Watariroka Hashiritai7’s new single Syonen yo Uso o Tsuke and Suika Baby by Not Yet will be released on the same date, 30th May!