Majisuka Gakuen 11th episode increased viewers rating A LOT

  October 1, 2012

Masjisuka 3.5%

Definitely. Because content was nice, and story has become so captivating from 11th episode…

3.5% is an awesome number! If it can reach 4% at the final episode, it would mark the great finale of the show!

Well the last time the show got the high viewers rating, it was the episode where Nobunaga and An'nin fought against each other, I think?
The two girls add a special mood to the show just by standing there!

4.1__3.2__3.3__4.1__3.4__3.8__3.8__3.8__3.8__4.3__3.0__3.4 average 3.67%
4.9__3.6__3.8__3.5__3.7__3.7__3.6__3.6__4.4__3.7__3.6__2.7 average 3.73%
Majisuka3 3.7__2.3__3.3__2.0__2.3__2.1__2.9__1.7__3.0__1.8__3.5    average 2.60%

Wow the number was doubled!!
Hope the final episode will obtain a good number too, unlike Majisuka2…!

Probably the scene where Peace knocked down the prison guard with her kick achieved the highest viewers rating.

In the tunnel, Paru's gaze was cast into the darknes. What does this scene imply??

Probably Paru, who couldn't trust others changed after she met Keita.
And after meeting the members of Habu, she became their teammates because she found Maji in them.
Miyu has become her friend too through the serious fight.

But when she found that Peace betrayed her,
Her trust in Peace collapsed…
I think that is what this scene implies.

Maybe it's coincidence, but the same direction can be seen in American Drama 24.

It's the scene where the protagonists wh

o could barely escape from the poison gas were watching the death of their companions through the glass wall…
The screen darkened in the different way from usual.
I felt they depicted the sorrow and woefulness of the protagonists very well, and I also figured that they really understood the emotional state of viewers.

Peace is a little sister of Yuichi (already dead).

I wish it's gonna be like this…

The head of the prison and daughter hate the Yankees (ヤンキー) who killed Yuichi, and as revenge, they've been cruel to Yankees until now.
But Peace has been shaken because she's realized that there're firm emotional bonds between Yankees….

Peace's heart has been wavering between the two emotions.
And the second time she said “We could meet again” (her words to Paruru) depicted that.
Anyway, I also think it's likely that Peace will betray the head of prison in the end.

Those who've bullied Yuichi were Yankees that Paru had been hanging out with before she met Keita.
Paru wasn't in the Yankee group when Yuichi committed suicide
However because Paru was the head of the group, Peace wanted to take her vengeance out on her, so she framed Paru and caused her to be sent to jail. But now Peace found out that Paru is actually a nice girl…

I think “Nice to see you again” means Peace and Paru were together at Yuichi's funeral, or something like that?

This is a blog post of the director of this Drama, Sato Futoshi:

Though I'm a bit worried as the final episode has tons of topics within 30 minutes,

let's just look forward to the airing!




  1. Janet S. says:

    I’m glad it’s getting decent ratings cause tbh I love this 3rd series much more than the 2nd. The casts except a few were enjoyable to watch as well, especially Yuria and Annin.

  2. Enami says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this 3rd season, there are new faces and the story topic is entertaining. I didn’t understand why it had low audiences ‘cuz it deserves more than this. I was happy to discover an other facet of my beloved Yuria, she did well. She’s smarter than others can think… Well, I cheer Anna thanks to this season too.
    Jurina was awesome too. Miyu acted well, I hope other dramas plays for her. Takahashi Juri, Murashige Anna, Shimada Haruka and many others.
    It was a good surprise and I can’t wait for this last episode.

  3. cryt says:

    All these positive reactions made me reconsider my initial reaction to the 3rd season, since it had such low ratings throughout most of the season and very bad initial reviews.

    I hope the season does well enough in profit that Majisuka Gakuen will continue to be an AKB tradition so new members from all groups will have a chance to show a different sides to themselves.