Majisuka Gakuen 3 obtained the worst viewers rating since the start of the Drama series

  September 10, 2012

Viewers rating

Shukan AKB 1.0
GachiGase 9.2
M station 10.1
Majisuka 1.7
Megutan 2.2
Golf Nadeshiko 0.7
MJ 4.7
Hokotate 12.7
Akan Keisatsu 11.9
Shin Domoto Kyodai 8.3
Nogizaka tte Doko? 1.2

Actually Megutan is doing really well.
Maybe it’s because she changed her underpants regularly??

I have a feeling that her Megutan’s underpants will be a bonus for next year’s AKB official calendar…..??

 It’s the 2nd time when Majisuka was lost to Megutan.

I think the reason for this lame result is because of this girl made a guest appearance…?

Anyway, it’s the first time Majisuka’s viewer’s rating went below 2.0% since the start of Majisuka 1….

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