Kojima Haruna to Star Upcoming Midnight Drama Series ‘Megutan’ from 7th July

  July 2, 2012
It’s announced AKB48 member Kojima Haruna (24) will appear in the upcoming mid-night TV Drama “Megutan tte Mahou Tsukaeruno?” (starts from 7th) as a main charater, Megu, who is a and “natural airhead” and “underachiever” magician.
This is the first time she stars the Drama series after she starred TV Tokyo’s Drama series “Men☆Dol ~Ikemen Idol” in 2008 (from Oct). “I’m feeling nervous, but I don’t feel pressure to play a main role.”, she softly said.
She plays a role of magician Megu, who’s come to the human world for training, and in the final scene of each episode, she plays a sexy scene where she flits skirt to show her panty to erase memories of people who saw her magic.
“I don’t think AKB members already know this. They would be surprised that I will show my panty. But for me, I don’t feel surprised (to play this role) that much”
Because of her “natural airhead” character she has been considered as “underachiever” in a magician school.  She has been sent to an apartment (where residents are served each meal) in the human world and work as a super and caretaker for the apartment.
But there’s a condition: “Once she is discovered that she is a magician, she won’t be able to return (to the world she’s been originally lived.)”…..
Despite our initial thought that this role is a good fit for her as she is also often dubbed “natural airhead”, she said “I’m no ‘natural airhead’. I just play a role in a solid manner.”
When she and Mr.Akimoto heard the offer for the main role of this Drama, Mr.Akimoto asked her, “Are you Okay with showing your panty?” to make sure. “I actually wasn’t that surprised, and answered ‘As long as it’s a classy ‘Flitting skirt and show panty”, I will play the role.”, she said.

Though She hasn’t yet filmed “Panty flashing”scene, which maybe appears in every episode of this Drama series, it seems she is looking forward to the filming of this “First time ever” scene for her. “I heard they blow a strong wind, and film from a lot of different angles”, she said.
Screenplay and direction of the Drama is done by Fukuda Yuichi, whose past work includes “Yuusha Yoshihiko to Maou no Shiro” and “Muse no Kagami“. Other casts include Muro Tsuyoshi, Iketani NobueOtoo Makuma (team Nacs) and Nakamura Tomoya.
Producer at NTV, Mouri Shinobu said, “After ‘Muse no Kagami‘, I had a talk with Mr.Akimoto, like ‘We may want to work  together again.’ and we had a fun talk about Kojiharu, like ‘How about making something ‘weird (but interesting)’ with Kojiharu’. That was a start, and I asked the creation to Mr. Fukuda. That’s how this Drama was given to the birth”

source 123(official website)

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I LOL’d….. she erases memories with panty flash!?!? So I can enjoy Nyan’s panty everey week…..?
By the way what’s wrong with the concept of this Drama lol
So they go with MIB like “memory-erasing” with flashing panty lol

I love it when she shows off her sexiness but I don’t want her to sell out….
Anyway, will they release Blue-Ray?

So this is aired in the same schedule as Bakaleya, right? Then…… it may be made into Movie~~~!!

Another proof that AkiP is looking at Nyan in a sexual way. lol

Uhmm I can’t wait to see this Drama~~~!! After all, watching AKB members in Drama always makes my heart!!

Who sing a theme song??