10 Things Even Haters Can’t Deny About Shimazaki Haruka

  July 24, 2015

You can say there’s no idol more multi-faceted than Paruru.

10 Things Even Haters Can’t Deny About Shimazaki Haruka

  • She is socially awkward and people are loving her for that

    She gives salty treatment to a fan without leaving an impression that she doesn’t like the fan. What this means is that people find her a socially awkward person, and everyone loves an adorable and socially awkward idol.

  • No one can endure so much hair style like paruru did

    If you track every Paruru activity, you maybe pay attention about ‘what her hair style today’ because she is the one who can change her hairstyle everyday and still look suitable on her.

  • Paruru is a ridiculously good looking Girl Next Door

    She is not a perfect beauty but still manages to look ridiculously attractive thanks to knowing how to produce the best version of her, and one cannot help but be inspired by her.

  • She has a ridiculously fair skin

    Her porcelain, snow white skin helps her stand out on stage.

  • Her nickname, Paruru, is super catchy

    Paruru… what a fun name to pronounce! Even when someone happens to hear her nickname on TV, many find themselves ‘Paruru, Paruru…’ running through their head for the rest of the day.

  • She is incompetent ‘Ponkotsu’

    There are a ton of AKB48 members who claim themselves Ponkotsu but none has perfected being Ponkotsu like Paruru has.

  • She is extremely candid

    When she doesn’t like something, she says so in a decisive manner. It’s not always easy to do that thanks to the fear of being attacked back.

  • Paruru has perfected ‘Worried Face’

    Everyone loves Emoji because it elevates our text-based communication online tremendously. Having an adorable worried face’ as her natural face, she’s learned to let her face do the talking. This turned out to be very effective that even when she ‘sounds’ lacking a concern for someone, they find themselves worrying about her.

  • She’s a fashionista

    Or at least that the image what she and management behind her want to project to the public.

  • She likes hot guys

    Idols generally don’t show themselves being infatuated over men. Well, Paruru does it repeatedly, and even went on to say she would date one guy.

  • She’s a lovable troll who loves to make people laugh

    Some of the things mentioned in this list, liking hot boys, being (too much) plain spoken, you can’t tell if she is just joking, because she’s a mischievous troll and loves to get a laugh.

  • She has a contagious smile and laughter

    Smiling is an essential aspect of being an idol. Paruru might be popular for her worried face but she is one of those idols who has the cutest and the most contagious smile. There’s no denying that Paruru is one of those people who were blessed with a cute voice, that is the reason why Paruru’s laughter is extremely cute and contagious as well. Seeing and hearing this girl smile and laugh could make any troubled person’s day better!