AKB48 Members Top 10: Idols With The Cutest Eye-Smiles

  July 31, 2015

Do you know When Japanese people say “your eyes aren’t smiling”, it means they think your smile is not genuine one? Check out the AKB48 girls who have perfect eye-smiles and learn to smile to your eyes like this emoji ? !

10 AKB48 Members With The Cutest Eye-Smiles

  • Tomonaga Mio

    Can you resist the cuteness of this Loli with her Cashew nut eyes ?

  • Shibuya Nagisa

    She’d be the clear favorite if there was such thing as ‘Smile Sosenkyo’.

  • Watanabe Miyuki

    Hands down, Milky pulls off the best eye-smile I’ve ever seen!

  • Kojima Mako

    It may not change your life but seeing Kojimako grin or make her adorable otter face probably won’t make your mood worse.

  • Kato Rena

    She’s sooooo adorable, perfect cinnamon roll of happiness!

  • Jo Eriko

    Such joyful, pretty eye-curves!

  • Yabushita Shu

    Shu is an NMB48 Team B2 member, and an avid NPB Hanshin Tigers fan.

  • Shimazaki Haruka

    She has the cutest worried face and smiling face! Paruru has deep cute dimples and eye dimples!

  • Fujie Reina

    The first person who comes to mind when eye smiles are mentioned. Even better when combined with her signature crinkled nose and bitten tongue (not pictured to prevent heart attacks).

  • Yamada Nana and her little brother Nakayama Yuma

    When they pull this pug face smile, they both looks like clumps of joy and goofiness!