So whose performance of ”Romance Kakurenbo” you guys like the best?

  July 3, 2012

ロマンスかくれんぼ(Romance Kakurenbo): the song sung by KKS in the pre-show performance of team B Theater no Megami. Similar songs include ミニスカートの妖精/Mini Skirt no Yousei”, which is performed before team A’s Stage Mokugekisha, “檸檬の年頃の/Lemon no Toshigorono” performed before team K’s RESET.

Please tell me your favorite Romance Kakurenbo!!
My favorite is Joe-chan, by the way!



Paruru, of course.

The costume for this song suits Tomu the best.

Paruru is not good at singing this song. Yukarun or Tomu sing this really nice.

So who sang this song first?

I think it was Shimada, she sang this song on the very first day (Shonichi) of B5th.

Shimada, audio only.

What a nice thread!! Somehow I feel like listening to Tomu’s Romance Kakurenbo.

PonMiyu maybe?


Mori Anna, of course.

Oshima Ryoka.

Murayama Yuiri.

I love her dull dancing.

To my ears, Karen’s singing somehow sounds like Enka… Sure she is a good singer but…..???
Nanchan is so cute.

I liked Rika-chan’s Romance Kakurenbo…. it has such a tender feeling…
A~yaloid doesn’t have an outstanding performing ability but can display a unique worldview in her performance….

Shihori also sang this song when she was promoted to a regular member…..

So I watched all performances listed here, and I must say Karen is the best.
That graduated member and Yukarun are also nice/
I don’t think Tomu is that great performer.
Paruru is….. a bit vigor-less, less-focused…. looks unprofessional…
Are there a video of Tano-chan’s performance?

Tano-chan. It looks like this was filmed right after her Stage debut.

Tano-chan is not just being a good dancer but actually a good singer^^

Yokoyama is a very nice performer but she was almost out of breath…

If it’s not about whether or not she is good at the performance of this song, but about whether she can make my heart ache or not, then I can’t think of anyone but Paruru.

She makes me trembling rather than pounding my heart.

If you ask me, I would say Karen and Wakanyan are standing out in terms of their performance skill, and there’re no other whose performance are “skillful”.
Though…… what attractive about this song is, as you say, that this song make our heart pounding, give us sentimental feeling, so it’s so ridiculous to talk about “skill.

At first I was like “What in the world they like this old-school tune!!??”, but now I even hum this song unconsciously….

There used to be a video of Iwata’s performance at TDC, but I can’t find it anymore.

Iwata!! She debuted the pre-show act only 2 weeks after she passed the selection Shinsa (:KKS candidate must pass this selection to become KKS)!! Her performance at TDC was also only 2 months after the Shinsa…… she has such a stage nerve!!

Are there Mariyagi and Annin’s videos??


Oshima Ryoka
Nagao Mariya
Iwata Karen at TDC

Wooow Iwata! Thank you!

Wakanyan Romance Kakurenbo, sailor-suited school girl ver.

Do you have Juri-chan and Kawaei’s song performance?

Tahakashi Juri
I think Kawaei hasn’t performed this song yet.

Thank you! It’s a bit surprising that Ricchan have never sung this song.

Here are members who have sung this song in the theater performance .
Shimada Haruka
Oba Mina
Kinumoto Momoko
Shimazaki Haruka
Nagao Mariya
Mori Anna
Nakamura Mariko
Sano Yuriko
Yamauchi Suzuran
Yokoyama Yui
Natori Wakana
Takeuchi Miyu
Kato Rena
Iriyama Anna
Fujita Nana
Ichikawa Miori
Kobayashi Marina
Abe Maria
Tano Yuka
Iwata Karen
Kojima Natsuki
Morikawa Ayaka
Izuta Rina
Omori Miyu
Sasaki Yukari 
Suzuki Shihori
Nakamata Shiori
Muto Tomu
Hirata Rina
Takahashi Juri

SaeedYokota Erena 
and three others
Murayama Yuiri
Oshima Ryoka 
Aigasa Moe
Shinozaki Ayana 
Hasegawa Haruna
Iwadate Saho
Kita Shiori
Kitazawa Saki
Moriyama Sakura 
Amamiya Maika
Okada Ayaka
Mogi Shinobu
Umeda Ayano

If they release DVD for Romance Kakurenbo which contains all performances of these members, I’ll definitely buy it.

So this is a song that every member experience at least once to become a member of AKB48.


When it comes to this song, Saeed never fails to make me laugh as her looks and voice create a huge contrast

I love Suzuran’s version the best!! Her husky voice, wistful expression and motion, sophisticated way to read the line….
Listening to her singing this song makes me want to cry…..
And that sheer contrast between her performance of Mini Skirt no Yousei and this song is also captivating^^

Personally I think the good singer is Iwata.
But the member who suits the image of this song the best is Fresh Lemon.


Yeah, sure Lemon is a best fit for this song’s image.
Before, when she started her career in AKB, Lemon was so fresh and charmingly naive.
Nowadays, I can kinda see the distress she has got from her years in AKB….
She got her breakthrough too early with her killer catchphrase, which lasted only for a short time…..?

As for songs by Zenza (pre-show act) Girls, I like Mini Skirt no Yousei better….

What’s attractive about Romance Kakurenbo is this is a “solo” song.
Even in setlist for regular teams, only Aces or captains can have their own solo songs.
And because this song is sung by many members, we can enjoy different tastes of the song.
Actually like many of you, I want to see Takamina or Okaro to sing this song.
Though it would be totally opposite to “freshness” which is what this song is meant to be lol

Omori Miyu is a good singer, besides her voice really suits this song!!
Her waist movement is also awesome!

I personally want them to sing this song in SKE, NMB or HKT’s stages.
But does this sound weird to most of AKB fans?
But….. I actually have several members in my mind that I want them to sing this song….

Honestly I’m curious about who will sing this song if this ranks in AX.

I can feel you, but this is not a kind of song that we want to vote for when there’re tons of other great songs……
And…. most  importantly, we don’t know who will sing this song if this would rank in AX.

Yeah…. It’s intriguing but if you ask me whether or not I vote for this song…. I don’t know….

I only listened to songs uploaded here, and here is my ranking.
A Tano, Oshima, Natori, Iriyama, Yokoyama
B Takahashi, Iwata, Suzuki
C Omori, Mori, Sasaki, Morikawa
D Muto, Nagao, Shimada

Uhmm wait…. where is my girl, Miorin…?

Ryoka-chan is awesome…..
She is named Oshima for show….!

No way… she is named Oshima not just for show.  (← He pointed out the weird usage of Japanese in the above comment)