Producer for Avex expressed his frustration on twitter at Other Groups, which exceeded the time limit of performance

  June 26, 2012

IdolStreet project and SUPER☆GIRLS’s producer at Avex – link

“I won’t say who they are, but we made a rule that each group finish their performance in 10 minutes so that we can finish the show at 8PM, I thought we were cooperating together to achieve this goal….. I’m truly disappointed with those groups who hansomely exceeded the set limit of 10 minutes…. That’s all I want to say…. 

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Performance time / Record label of each group (Agency)

05m35s Ebisu Shiritu Chugaku: Defstar (Stardust production)
09m15s Nozigaza47: Sony
10m54s Pasopo☆:
13m18s Warota: Sony
11m04s Momo-Clo: Star Child (Stardust production) <-probably it was longer than this, nearly 15 minutes
11m27s Tokyo Joshiryu:Avex
08m41s SUPER☆GIRLS: Avex
11m29s Buono!:
14m04s Idoling: Pnny Canyon
10:47 Sashihara Rino: Avex

So it’s either Warota or Idoling or both…..

I feel sorry if some members couldn’t join Heavy Rotation at the last of the show due to age restriction….

4 of 5 members of Tokyo Joshiryu couldn’t join Heavy Rotation…
I think Higuchi (the man who made this tweet, a producer of Super☆Girls) attended the rehearsal, and probably each group could finish within 10 minutes in the rehearsal.
Then I can understand his anger if some groups didn’t perform as they did in rehearsal….

I saw some comments which say, “Momoiro-Clover got scolded”…. but do you have source??

Ebisu Chugaku Staff meeting
From around 50second….

Summary of Stardust promotion’s assertion
Sure, we got scolded but we reduced Ebisu Chugaku’s performance to only 1 song, and gave the spared time to Momoiro-Clover…. We didn’t exceed the limit on the whole.

Audio recording of Yubi-Matsuri
Warota: 14m59s

Momoiro Clover:15m00


Kojima Haruna on Twitter

I went to Yubi-Matsuri!! I was so excited to see the gorgeous stage of many idols!!
I felt it again that being idol is awesome. ☆〜(ゝ。∂) Sashiko, Good job as a producer of the show!!!

So Aamin was also there??? She is being so busy these days (she was at live-performance corner of AKB arts club’s exhibition source: Nikkan)

So the members who attended the concert are Kojiharu, Reinyan, Shisho, Aamin and Miichan right?

I thought Reinyan is unlikely member to come to watch the show…. oh so Reinyan’s cousin (Natsuyaki Miyabi of Buono!, Berryz Kobo) was at the stage?? That’s why…. okay.

By the way, why Kojima-san, who is a legendary Idol Ota wouldn’t come to watch the show??? No way lol

I thought she has alreday graduated Ota….?

I think Miichan and Kojima attended the show more as Sashiko’s big sisters or gurdians tthan as idol Ota.

So Paruru couldn’t go there because she’s been busy with the filming of Majisuka3????

Fujie Reina on G+

This is the 2shot photo  that I want to share with you, which I took with my cousin Miya (Natsuyami MIyabi)( ´ ▽ ` )ノ★ She is a member of Berryz Kobo-san and Buono!-san!! Nya~~~

Iriyama Anna “It’s so cute!! This is exactly for me!!”