AKB’s Private Event: The Most Likely Reason For The Suspension Of Mariko’s Twitter

  May 20, 2012

AKB’s private event for Pachinko company Kyoraku (one of the owners of AKS, the management company of AKB48, and has two of it’s executives in AKS’s board, which has only total 4 members) held yesterday has boiled up haters bashing on AKB48 once again.

Members of “Team Surprise”

Tomochin, Yuko, Yukirin, KitaRie, Kojiharu, Sashiko, Mariko, Paruru, Akicha, Takamina, Acchan, Rena, Miichan, Sae, Yuihan, Mayuyu

Sources are surfaced on twitter,

“I’m on my way back from XX company’s AKB event.
I was not expecting too much since I’d just accompanied my son and his wife, but It was actually very fun!
7 songs were performed by team Surprise!!”

Gift presented to attendants of this event

“There’s a food stall and I had Mariko’s Choco-Panda curry^^

At last, I was handed a gift from Takamina and she shook my hands and hugged with me!!”

“It was not Shinagawa Prince hotel, but it’s actually is Grand Prince Hotel Shintakawa!!”

“I’m so happy to have met her in the afternoon event.
It’s since Mezamashi TV’s live concert that we could meet Mayuyu in person!!
My son was so pleased as he was presented a gift from Mayuyu!
She also waved hands to him from the stage!! Mayuyu is so kind…!
Thank you….”

Mariko also wrote on her blog,

“We had rehearsal early in the morning, and after that we had “certain” errand for AKB.”

Since this event was not publicly announced from AKB’s management, fans and haters alike have expressed their suspicion what AKB is actually doing behind eyes of public.
Just to note, Pachinko is like a cheap version of Casino slots, is basically a gamble spot, which of course doesn’t have a clean image as it’s often associated with Yakuza or Zainichi Korean (But Kyoraku is owned by 100% Japanese capital, but again their customers are mainly companies run by Zainichi Koreans).

Because this company is owned private, there’s no way to join this event for people who have no connection with this company, which made fans’ fury all the more intensive.

Fans are reacting to this event with comments like these….

I’m sooo happy that Acchan is graduating from this horrible group!!
Recently Takamina accidentally revealed that *she belongs to Soka Gakkai (cult religion), and they are involved in Horse Racing, and then Pachinko, which is not new at all (it’s been a famous fact that AKB groups has hold several private events for the Pachinko company). I’m just fed up with this dirty group!!
*(EDIT: or her family: Official newspaper of Soka appeared in a photo of her cat she uploaded on her blog. She uploaded the photo from her family’s home so it’s not clear who relates to this religious group. Soka also distribute it’s paper free (<-most people reject this but since Takamia is a popular idol, their family may not have wanted to make their neighborhood Soka pople feel hurt and receive their papers.). Online issue of Seikyo Shinbu has an article about AKB48 parsing them as a hope of society. they refers to one member’s word “Effort will be definitely rewarded some day.” Soka Gakkai has seats in Japanese Congress as they form political party Komei-tou. Even though Soka is the most popular new religion, most of people tend to want to keep distance from religious side of this group.)

LOL I’s no brainer that they treat sponsors better than fans.
I’ve already understood this, but whenever these things happen, I feel disappointed…

Honestly, I don’t want them to be involved with gamble-related sponsors….

But they explicitly put sponsor’s name, Kyoraku, in the ending role of AKBINGO….
Why you make a fuss now that things are already widely known??

I don’t care gamble or Zainichi Koreans, but I really hate them doing this secretly!!!
Though I know complaining about this leads me to the point that I have to stop being a fan of AKB.

They also revealed the unpublished song for this event. It was kinda like Gugutasu no Sora.
I also attended last year’s SKE’s event for Kyoraku, but the mood this year was much more open.
Don’t worry, there’s nothing immoral.

LOL Shut up your filthy mouth!! A dreg of society who attends the events held by that antisocial company has no right to lecture to us!!
Just kill yourself rubbish!!!
(In short, Pachinko companies can make tons of money but are considered as one of the most shameful business) 

Come on… accept the reality…. this is AKB and what you’re picturing in your mind is mere a illusion.

Without Kyoraku’s sponsorship, AKB couldn’t have become this popular.
Despite being busy with the promotion of “Manatsu no SG”, they declined all offers for this event makes me believe that this company is one of the most important client for AKB.

By the way, there’re no children. All the attendants were adults.

I can’t trust members who don’t update their G+ on the day like this…..

How come the management could announce to this to fans?
If this was made public that AKB48 held an event exclusively for Pachinko company, AKB48 public image would suffer enormous damage!!

I think this is awesome…. think about it… idol who is supported by Pachinko company…. this is something we’ve nerver heard of!!!
Pachinko company’s profit is of course, the money they got from people lost the gamble. It’s a dark profit.
Idols who are covered with dark aura…. awesome!!

Kyoraku’s instruction Ads for Pachinko biginners feat. AKB members

Yesterday’s Mariko’s tweet that she suspends her twitter was of course her reaction to tons of haters and fans comments of unfair criticize to her (like you just read), who has no choice but to attend this secret event. But since she was the easy target, people sent her a lot of questions and speculations about how AKB members and management think about holding events like this secretly to fans (which of course not so rare, and AKB48 then again joined supermarket chain of Mandai’s 50th anniversary event today in Osaka.).

Because she was the only member who uploaded photos from the event venue….on 19th May…..

No.. it’s not only Mariko, but Paruru updated her G+ with these mysterious comments, which were deleted soon.

Paruru (20:20~20:29 on 19th May)

“I am a kind of person who can’t lie. How about you?”

“I’m envious of people who can lie. It’s not fair.”

“I don’t tell a lie to fans.
Though I’m an idol (who should lie when it’s necessary)…. I’m a Ponkotsu…”

“Is there a “good lie”? If so, please tell me!”

Takamina’s “Effort wins at last” Katsudon
Suzuran’s Maple Kinako Banana
Mariko’s Choco Panda Curry
Kashiwagi family’s Banana Mayo pan
BBQ Kaori Matsumura’s Hayashi rice
Paruru’s mom’s Blueberry and fresh cream sandwitch
“Real” chair which a member who places 1st will sit down
Choreo lesson AKB: Professional Choreographers teach you choreo of AKB’s songs!
AKB Cosplay: You can wear AKB’s costume and make-up, then professional cameraman take a photo of you!
Surprise telephone: Telephone booths set in the venue. You may receive call from members here!!
Exhibition of the band set for GIVE ME FIVE!: Real band set that members used for the MV of GIVE ME FIVE! is displayed.
AKB Rondevu point: You can be close to AKB members! Your hear may beat hard surrounded by members! We will present you a memorial photo!!
Setlist for the Revue stage by team Surprise
Shadow announcer: Yuko
00. Overtume
01. Heviro
02. Ponichu
MC (introduction of team members)
Skit (kind of magic show using balloon)
03. Evicachu
04. Aitakatta
05. Juryoku Sympathy (original song for team Surprise/ probably used for the upcoming commercial of Kyoraku’s new Pachinko slot machine released in August)
MC (Lottery event. Winner of 16 people could take 2 shot photo with (all?) members)
Surprise Bingo party
06. Manatsu no SG
(the event was held from around 18:00 to 19:00PM for only one hour.)