Takamina Plays Hagashi At AKB48 Shake Hands Event In TV Show Domoto Kyodai

  May 7, 2012

After they gave us a sneak peek of how the handshake with Yukirin at the AKB’s handshake event looks like, Minami takahashi and Yuki Kashiwagi then went on to demonstrate Hagashi.

Hagashi(剥がし) is one of the most distinctive jargon phrases used among AKB Ota. In Shake Hands event, each fan is given a certain time to converse and handshake with AKB48 members, and if it reached the time limit, staffs urge you to leave (ESP if you stayed too long.) That staff is called Hagashi.

In this video Takamina played Hagashi, although when Koichi (host of the show who played as an AKB member in the demonstration) refused to handshake with one guy(Tsuyoshi), she acted in a different way than Hagashi would have, and begged Koichi to treat the fan well.
For some reason, Koichi acting as an AKB member also didn’t shake hands with Yukirin, but it doesn’t mean that if you’re a girl you will be treated like this! By the way, if this is an accurate representation of the real Nationwide Shake Hands event, then Takamina is not overacting, you basically only have 5 seconds for the event!! And that’s why the sales figures of Theatre version is often called Shake Hands event score.

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