Churi has become Yakitori in picture on Airin’s blog post! and 4 more

  August 29, 2012


Wait!! Da~Su~ LOL

What the heck!?

I can’t tell who’s who…

I thought that was MatsuRina from Shukan AKB, but then this is Under Girls, so of course, it turned out the girl was Milky!! LOL

Except for Yamatomo Sayaka, it’s hard to imagine someone who can enjoy these girls in this photo….
Uhmmm Sawako and Yuria also look okay?

So….. In the far left, there’s Yuria???

↑Yes, we can!

Come on….. Being Under Grils means they have to go through a penalty game??

Da~Su~ looks like a rhythmic sportive gymnast or synchronized swimmer…


ToT This is the first time I saw her crying that hard and talked about herself that deeply, since I’ve become a fan of her…

Yeah… She doesn’t need to be big, she doesn’t need to be a center, but she just needs to bloom her own “Flowers”.

Yeah, I felt her affection toward her center position for the unit song “Ai no Iro”
And I’m so impressed by the fact that she really cherishes the song…

Personally I think “Ai no Iro” is the best among all unit songs.

↑And I said the same thing to her at HS event, and she pleasingly said “Churi-san told me exactly the same thing♥” haha

Yuasa Hiroshi 8/29 17:59

Yuasa Hiroshi 8/28 5:59pm

During today’s 1st Stage by team E, fans kindly held Takeuchi Mai’s Seitansai!!
Thank you SOOOOO MUCH!!!
She will turn 19 on the 31st. Congratulations.




Ogino Risa 8/28 9:15pm

Hai! I did my hair~~~~\(^o^)/

Ogino Risa 8/28 21:23

I had my hair done exactly the same way mayuyu-san had requested from me.




Guys, don’t you think this is a precious 2 shot!?

What we were anticipating is not Rena and Acchan…….orz



Guys, Churi finally becomes Yakitori in Airin’s blog~

I LOL’d. They intended to make it funnier when we read Airin’s blog after reading Churi’s blog haha

Haha it’s cute but at the same time…. so “Black”….

I love how Airin teases Churi~

Non-stop laughing as I saw this picture after reading Churi’s ameba blog~