AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Special

On 14th of July (Sunday) 16:00 JST a special program [AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo Special] will be broadcasted on NHK BS Premium.

The show will feature various interesting scenes from the AKB48 Senbatsu Sousenkyo held in Nissan Stadium, Kanagawa, on June 6th 2013. It will show the speeches of the 64 ranking members and also the backstage conditions for one hour and a half.

Apparently, the show will be shorter than the FujiTV special that was broadcasted for last year’s Sousenkyo in its Special program, which ran for 2 hours.

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HKT48 Official site announced that HKT48 is recruiting extras for their upcoming single’s MV shooting. The title of the single is still undetermined. The shooting will be held in Yokohama City, on Sunday, July 14th 2013, during the day, for a few hours.

The age constraints is 16 years or older. Those who are accepted will be notified by email. Of course, those accepted are bound by the rules and regulations to keep silent about the details of the single after the shooting.

Source: (Universal Studio)


Oshima Yuuko has been appointed as the personality for Japan’s Ministry of Internal Affairs and Public Communication’s statistic department. She will be featured in posters and CMs of the said division.

Source: (Matomenba, Land Survey Department Site)

Today the blogs for AKB48 members under Ogi production were opened in the OgiPro Official Site. The members are:

Watanabe Mayu


Kikuchi Ayaka


Oota Aika


Nakagawa Haruka

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Source: (Team Ogi Official Site)

SKE48 has announced the schedule of the performance from 13th of July 2013 up to 22nd of July 2013.

July 13th (Sat) Research Student Stage (13:00; 17:00)
July 14th (Sun) Research Student Stage (13:00; 17:00)
July 15th (Mon Celebration) Research Student Stage (13:00;17:00)
July 16th (Tue) Research Student Stage (18:30)
July 17th (Wed) Research Student Stage (18:30)
July 18th (Thu) Off day
July 19th (Fri) Research Student Stage (18:30)
July 20th (Sat) Research Student Stage (13:00, 17:00)
July 21st (Sun) Research Student Stage (13:00, 17:00)
July 22nd (Mon) Off day

Although Team S once held performances three times a day, there hasn’t been any incident where they perform the whole week.

It must be quite a physical ordeal for the girls, and it is said that this seems like a training ground for the Research students, as well as a festival. It also seems to be the gap provided for the preparation the new stages by the regular members, and also for the dome tour.

Source: (SKE48 Official Site news)


The rumours of Paruru’s first photobookare confirmed to be true, as the preview of her cover is already out on Amazon. The title of the photobook is “Komaru” which seems to be a pun with her usual expression, since Komaru itself can mean “troubled” or “bothered”.

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Shimazaki Haruka and a graduated research student member of AKB48, Mitsumune Kaoru will co-star in the first movie installment of the drama series ATARU. The drama is about a mysterious autistic man that helps police solve crime cases. The star of the drama is a SMAP member Nakai Masahiro.

Source: (Nikkan Sport)