Mariko Shinoda’s everyday tweets is one of the reason why twitter is awesome.
Her tweets are always filled with colorful joy of a idol’s life, and makes this Japanese expat a bit homesick.

Jurina is really attached to Mariko….
As she wrote on her blog, Takamina has changed her hair style exposes her forehead since Majisuka Gakuen. 

Mariko “I stop using twitter for a while!

平和なTwitterになったら帰ってくる( *`ω´) ノ

Mariko “I’ll be back when twitter becomes peaceful place( *`ω´) ノ”


…………I see there’re some hateful reactions to her…. there may be  a lot of heart breaking things as you are so famous, but I wish it would settle down sooner for her early comeback… But this also makes me feel sorry for Kojiharu as she can’t have fun with Mariko on twitter for a while…