Tomorrow, Something similar to ”June 16” will happen again on ANN

  September 13, 2012

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Nippon Broadcasting 9/13

【Girls who’ve become a topic of everyone】 “ANN AKB no All Night Nippon” will be aired tomorrow from 1:00am. This is the first ANN after the report made by one magazine. Of course, it’s a live-broadcasting. By the way, don’t you think a similar thing happened before….?


I don’t want to see any cheesy Drama anymore…..

Camera crew for Documentary movies are preparing!!

I guess the reason why they’ve been keeping silent is because they are writing a script for this Drama???

Man… I only have a bad feeling….

While all of us automatically think it’s about “Akimoto Yasushi, Oshima Yuko, Maeda Atsuko, Nakagawa Haruka”, I think it’s gonna be about “Akimoto Yasushi, Kubota Yasushi and Shiba Kotaro” (People who were in the article reported by Shunkan Shinco) LOL

↑ Man, it’s gonna be more serious then….. lol

I think General Manager will join the show???

And Maeda Assan wil guest the show as a special guest??

-Demoted from Captain.

-Demoted to Kenkyusei

-Suspended membership

-Full transfer to branch offices

-Withdrawal from 48 group

It’s gonna be either of these.

Or despite the hype, they might do the normal broadcasting???

↑That the worst scenario….