Pre-order AKB48 1/153 Ren’ai Sousenkyo by Oct 21, and You Can (Virtually) Kiss AKB members!

  September 13, 2012

The game that you can enjoy virtual love romances with AKB48 group members (total 153 members) “AKB 1/153 Ren’ai Sousenkyo”.
This time we introduce now customary of the series, surprising bonus items for First edition. 
The deadline for pre-order of this first edition is Oct 21.
This “make everyone pleased” super gorgeous Box will only be contained for the pre-order made before this deadline.

Let’s check out content of this special bonus box


The package contains either of PS Vita ver. gamesoft or PSP ver, one. AKB 1/153 is an adventure game where you appoint dates with members and spend a good time with them. But the thing is, in order to have your Oshimen confess her love towards you (called 神告白 – Godly love confession), you need to keep turning down other members who approach you as they are in love with you.

Special DVD, AKB48, SKE48, NMB48 and HKT48

Total 10 sheets of DVD for each of total 10 teams of the groups. Contains making footage of members of each teams, as well as bonus footage. Exceeding total 100- minutes!!

Godly Love Confession movie, Making footage of photo shoot at studio, Interview to members about questions relating to LOVE.

Member KISS the screen. What will happen if you also overlap your lips with theirs on the screen???

Special Case to contain all items

Box specialty made to contain many special bonus items neatly. It has faces of all 153 members who appear in the game on it’s package. You gotta look for your Oshimen!


The box contains 10 swimsuits photo of members exclusively taken for this game. It’s randomly selected.

Special swimsuits photo book

This book contains swimsuits photos of all 153 members. Each member has more than one page, making this book biggest ever swimsuits photo book that will never fail to make you die from happiness and excitement.

Special Content Download key

Download key for Wallpaper for PS Vita or custom theme for PSP. It’s a photo date of members, but surprisingly, it has Kiss mark and Autograph of members on it!!! Of course date for all 153 members are available. You can customize your PSP or PS Vita into your Oshimen Edition!!


Free download for “Kiss Love Confession” (time-limited)

In the game, Godly Love Confession scenes have two choices. Accept or Reject. But this downloadable content add you one more choice for the confession, “Kiss her”. You can watch video where members KISS you. It can only be downloadable from Dec 20, 2012 to Jan 14, 2012 (for free). NEVER MISS THIS CHANCE ONLY AVAILABLE FOR ONE MONTH AFTER THE RELEASE OF THE GAME.


AKB 1/153 Ren’ai Sousenkyo will go on sale on Dec 20.

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