Video: Gay Queens Smashed AKB, We Heard The Large Sounds Of Footsteps Heading Over Queens’ Blogs

  April 22, 2012

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Mittsu Mangrove etc. Gay Queens Smashed AKB’s fashion “A Bumpkin who has no taste” “I thought you’re Orang Oetan” –> Thousands of fans attacked their blog

Chuu = Orang Oetan… or Ryoichi Yamaguchi?

Gay Queens lead by Mittsu completely bashed AKB48, we saw large number of military heading to their blogs

In 19th Jan 2012’s on-air of “Naruhodo High-School”, Gay Queens again fired their filthy words to AKB, which was witnessed by AKB fans made then form military to attach their blogs. There’s no update in their blog since then, but again i this 26th on-air, Queens never shut up their dirty mouths, which added gasoline to already huge fire.

Ogune~ attacked first on AKB’s hair style. His first target was Takamina, who changed her hair style after criticized by him in previous on-air. He said her hair swinging left to right looks like antenna of bad connectivity.
Then he turned his mouth to Yukirin’s hair. “Unlike everyone’s image, she is very thin, I mean her face, her hair, and her existence!” he said calmly! lol He further said “those who became overconfident change their hair style too often.” He meant Acchan. “She is a pack of confidence!” “She is the most confident woman in Japan!!” he shouted!

Takeshi Yajima, a fashion designer, observed AKB’s fashion. First he took on Sashiko, said “Be careful not to look like a bumpkin. You look like coming to Harajuku all the way from outer skirt of Tokyo.” he gave her 30 point out of 100. Sashiko fought back against him said “This style is my most favorite for this winter.” Yukirin was completely surrounded by evil axis. He said to her “You need a strong force, you need a genius stylist…” He gave Yukirin 0 out of 100, said she has no taste, looking like coming out of cabinets from Showa-era. “Your skirt looks like eggs of frog!”, he added position and width of belt, design of sweater, everything about her fashion was aweful.

Minegishi, who was fired by Mittsu last week, and triggered fans fire bombing on Mittsu’s blog, declared “I’m confident with my makeup today!” making a wink. Mittsu immediately reacted “Gross~~~~~~~”. Chuu also couldn’t escape the massacre. Mittsu fired her “You look like Orang Oetan!!!” “Are you Ryoichi Yamaguchi (actor)” etc.

Then Mittsu turned to Sayaka, who is commonly referred as Handsome or Gorilla. “Sayaka-chan come over here, you look so manly…” “Wow when look carefully, you have an astonishing face!” “You have an Adam’s apple, don’t you?”, they relatively seemed to like Sayaka, just because she is manly.