Things That Happen In USA48

  June 13, 2012
Their songs have Rap part.
High rate of fake tits…

Everyone is plump.

Ota’s MIX is ridiculously fluent.

Their vocal volume is ridiculously high.

Belly Button piercing and accent tattoo is the standard for members.

People offended by Hagashi(staffs in charge of getting fans off from members) at Akusyukai file a lawsuit.

Most of members are former cheergirls.

They hold something similar to Pom-Pon.
They ask for tips at Akusyukai.

It is required to equally include members from different races, but somehow Center position is dominated by Hispanics, which leads to create sects within the group.

USA48’s show is not allowed to broadcast in several states.

Members are often attacked right after the election.

Ridiculous lawsuit that fans sue management, asking refund for handshake, has become widely popular.

Managers (equivalent to TGSK etc.) are fired several times a month.
On the contrary to AKB48, Overtune is in Japanese.

Even though it’s titled Akusyukai, members are willing to hug fans.

Prikura leak is not a problem, but if illegal “drug” use is detected, they will be immediately fired

Because of financial difficulties, USA48 releases semi-nude photo calendar of all members.

Some members who hold doubt for being Hosare (poorly promoted) begin protest march together with Ota against management.

Even middle school kids members of USA48 look older than Shinoda.
The title of the official blog of USA48 is “Road to Broadway”, but they achieved it within one year.

Ota carried guns when they go to Akusyukai for self-defense.

(In Japan, there were extorted or assaulted at Akusyukai venue and were robbed of their AKB collection of goods.)

Their pronunciation of OMG is somehow dangerously sexy.

They will definitely translate Matenrou no Kyori (distance from Skyscrapers) as their stage song.

(A6th Stage: AKBがやって来た/AKB ga Yattekita)

In the stage performance, when you wave bank bills to members, they come and dance in front of you.

Religious issue will become by far problematic compared to in Japan.

↑It goes way too far to a terrorism or riot. 

USA theater is much bigger than AKB theater (which only accommodate 250 people)

Those who do Oshi-hen are labelled as Judas.
All Ota should pass through metal detector in order to enter Akusyukai venue, and big bodyguards are standing beside the entrance.

It’s not Melonpan but several members of USA48 form Cherry Pie alliance!!

Janken tournament is held in Carnegie hall. It’s way beyond the level where we can say “We feel sorry for Budo-Kan”…

Sashiko’s Prikura leak??? Here in USA, it’s not a problem at all! 

Because in USA48, sex videos of members were leaked, but ended up not being punished because it’s filmed before they joined the group.

Even Yuppai is labelled as MuneUsu (Flat chasted)….

Directors of MV are all famous names of Hollywood!!

But Ota complains, “What the point of that grotesque scene!!” “Where is the story!!!” “Wearing  white swimsuit in all cuts is boring!!!”

(he is talking about Manatsu no SG)
That reminded me of Kami TV’s original MV of River.
Especially Miyazawa’s part.
Their ranking of the general election decide their salaries.
Former KKS leave for the USA aiming at getting “Asian”‘s positions.

Sayaka Akimoto will hold concurrent position in team K and U.

Every night, members are making a fuss on FACEBOOK.

They try to “fish” Ota, but only could think of straightforward flirting.

They sell Pop Corn at USA48 Theater.

Most of members have similar personality to Chikarina.

Deep Kiss
Why Not
Their first commercial  is for MacDonald.

Majisuka Gakuen is directed by the movie director Tarantino (Kill Bill ), and will become full of bloody scenes.

Asian members are unpopular….

Manager of USA48 theater is Dave Specter!!!

When they select Senbatsu members, they more care about equally include different races than members’ popularity.

If you win the lottery, you can join BBQ (Food, not Kaotan…) party with members~~~~!!!

Two Poles club

(The name of AKB48’s fanclub: in Japanese: Nihon Bashira no kai / two columns club)
The title of the song “Kinjirareta Futari (forbidden two)” gets severe of criticism from certain organizations!!! 

USA version of DiVA is formed by talented Black members. Because their performance was ridiculously awesome, they ended up winning Grammy award!!
Because Paparazzi in America is by far intensive and fierce compared to in Japan, members graduate USA48 at a pace of one member per month.

 Shinobu is told “Wow Japanese eat little” from Members of USA48…. lol

Tons of Ota seriously propose members at Akusyukai.

Manager of USA48 theater was accidentally gay person and fell in love with TGSK.

Maria Abe is standing on USA48’s stage among all other USA members, but nobody notice there’s a member from AKB48.

(AbeMari is often asked from fans “Are you miced blood??” because of her exotic appearance)