AkiP will talk One-On-One with Acchan in June 15 broadcasting of ANN

  June 9, 2012

Cool Koji-san

from Glamorous Magazine

Cute Rena-tan

Image from Masana’s blog

So why Rena is putting a flower on her face???

I want to see Rena’s more funny behavior…!!

This looks so surrealistic….


Please forgive me but I’m not allowed to make comment on this photo yet. But… this photo-shooting will continue for a while.

Tomochin got No.1 on Ameblo

from Tomochin blog

Though I was 8th in the general election, I got No.1 in Ameblo Ranking!!

This is the first time I got No.1~~♡↑
Thank you so much for supporting me to get No.1!!
I’m so moved by you warm comments!!!
It looks like my mama made her first comment on my blog lol

What happened!??!

Chintomo congrats!! Her sentences are really cute, by the way!!

Maybe this has been only achieved by Acchan, Yuko and Sashiko?
This maybe the first accomplishment by non-Ota-pro members!!

Wow so many comments for her post!!
Maybe it’s because her speech and behavior caught the sympathy from people?

It’s difficult to understand how they make this ranking….. like someone who are not that popular are always keeping a high position…. Who is , by the way?!?

MariKoji’s Kaomoji printed on receipts!!!

Mariko-sama~~~ Welcome back~~~( *`ω´)人(бвб)
I found MariKoji’s Kaomoji on this receipt!!

Note: EXCELSIOR Cafe is Japanese cafe chain…. it’s very similar to starbucks.


So TO appeared in Kyoto!?!? lol (TO: Top Ota)
Maybe the person in charge is a resident of MariKoji thread!?!?( *`ω´)人(бвб)

It difficult to think they coincidentally made the same Kaomoji combination!!
And because Kojiharu’s one is not that popular, they definitely did this with NynaMari in mind.

But for someone who don’t know what this Kaomoji means, (бвб) may look a bit gross, I think….”

Yeah…. lol

(#бвб) <- Kojiharu gets angry with the above 2 comments

lol So both are now angry because Mairko’s ( *`ω´) is also originally an angry face.

Photo from Rika Kishino’s Birthday Celebration Festival (Seitan)

Rika Kishino on G+

The power of 4th!!!

Bistro Smap
Gurst: AKB Senbatsu members
On-air: 11th June
This is what being 4th means….(*´ω`*)

Sashiko looks nice.

It really looks like “Selected Members”

Acchan will talk one-on-one with AkiP in ANN on 15th June

From Oricon news
(Skip)Normally ANN is hosted by 3 members of AKB48 who are older than 18. And members who appears in the show won’t be revealed until the show actually starts.
But because on 15th, Senbatsu members will be absent from the show to join “Super Secret project”, AkiP will make his first appearance in the show.
He will talk about the future plan on AKB48 as well as hearing Acchan’s thoghts on her graduation, which is 2 and half months ahead.
Because this is the his rare and memorial appearance on the show, it is expected that Yuko and Takamina would make impromptu appearances in some forms. It’s announced members who couldn’t become Senbatsu in this election will join the show.

AkiP on G+

I got surprised when I looked at the newspaper and my cell phone .
It was written there about the ” AKB Atsuko Maeda and Mr. Akimoto live interview ” .
Such thing wasn’t over yet .
Since Kakudou of The Nippon Broadcast didn’t say ” On the evening of 15th , everyone said that they can’t make it because of their schedules ” , but that can be seen in his eyes . So , I asked Kakudou if , ” how about the schedule of Maeda ? ” Then , I just said , ” I heard she has a new song promotion . I am not sure if she’s in Tokyo ? ” .

If this thing will happen ,
they might say ” how about the Team N ? ”
(And I said that Team N can do it.) modified: I’ve almost done with team N’s (Stage) songs
Just a little more .

I should also write something about Team S .

If Maeda and I will talk , what would be the good topic ?
I wonder if I will rely on the mail from the listeners .
As much as possible , I will also answer the questions of everyone .

But unfortunately , Maeda is getting sleepy and decided to go home and I bet her 10000 kanossa . ← I think you don’t know it .

In this case , If I will call the order from the first , it will took me about 2 hours .

If I will finish doing the manuscript on the evening of 15th , I will leave it to the talkative Yoshimasa .

LOL It looks like he is looking forward to hosting the radio show so muchl!!
I hope Shinobu will guest the show!!!

Sayanee’s room

Sayanee on G+

I can finally sleep in my room for the first time after a long timeー!
Because I’d been sleeping on the sofa in the main room…(๑•́ ₃ •̀๑)←

LOL Castles and Totoro <- both are Sayanee's favorite things

So she may be pleased if I present her a Castle doll.

Fender’s amplifier and Marshall’s head amplifier!?!?
She has a taste!!

Very clean room, posters of castles, dolls and musical instruments….
I don’t know why, but this sheer contrast makes me attracted to her~!

In this year’s election, the number of votes of Sayanee has the highest rate of increase from the last year among all 40 members who ranked in.