Election Speech 4th: Rino Sashihara

  June 10, 2012

4th Rino Sashihara

The release of her solo photobook “Shshiko“, solo debut as 5th member from AKB48 to go solo, making regular appearance in the afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo, 2012 has been the thriving year for Sashiko.
As Mariko’s chagrined face when she heard the announce of her name as 4th indicates, Sashiko could respond to Mariko’s word “Go beyond Us!!” with her result which of course the result of years of her dedicated effort and her talent.

After her name was called, she moved her hands which was placed on her chest like pose of Traditional martial arts to her mouth to cover it. She was shedding tears. Turned around, she deeply bowed to audience.

“We are the witness of the miracle in the general election!!”, MC’s voice filled with the venue, and Sashiko had a shy smile on her face for a second.

When she reached the stage, she had a light smile with her eyes full of tears.

Tokumitsu-san “So Rino-chan, did your tear stop?”
Rino “Yes…”
Tokumitsu-san “Please give us your speech!”

Though tears were still flowing out, she started her speech.

As I entered this venue, the ranking was being announced one by one, I’d been really uneasy.
I totally got sick of myself as I couldn’t help but thinking that I will surely whimper and whine when I stand on this stage to make the speech.
But after heard Mariko-sama’s words, I determined that I will never whimper again!!

(Mariko had a same or more cheerful smile she had when she was listening to Jurina’s speech, and was clapping hands.)

Though I’m already weeping….
I’m really grateful to fans, and I couldn’t have imagined the day like this would come when I left my home in Oita to Tokyo to join AKB48.
I’d never thought the day like this would come when I couldn’t join Senbatsu in the 1st election.

(Her mom looked poised as she was listening to her speech. But when some Ota gave soulful shout to her (It’s clearly heard “Rino-cha~~~n!!!”) her eyes got a little teary.)

I have people who I should pay my gratitude to….
“I’m serious. Even Sashihara can be 4th!”, “Even Sashihara can become 4th!!”. If someone is encouraged by this fact, if there’s such one person, I think I should strive further.

And I want to express my gratitude to my father, my mother, my grandfather and my grandmother who are cheering for me from Oita prefecture….
Unfortunately though, this is not being aired there.

(Whole venue and her supporters in Oita were filed with warm laughter)

I think my mother is cheering for me from Oita, and most importantly, many fans are supporting me. So… I never ever whine and whimper….. if I can…..

(Again, whole venue and her supporters in Oita are filed with warm laughter)

So I might become non-Hetale….. uhmm I’m not sure how it will turn out….. so… pleas keep supporting me.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you soooooooo much!!

(Yukirin, Mayuyu and Yuko were giving applause. Yuko and Yukirn had big sisterly smiles, while Mayuyu had a very serious face.)