Their freshness, innocence… We saw the early days of AKB in JKT48

  September 15, 2012

Freshness, innocence that they showed in Shukan AKB…
They also have amazing looks….

It was so turn-off to see Iziry Okada imposed JKT members to follow the rule of Japanese comedians…. If it’s the house rule of popular comedians, then I could take it, you know, ya, he is one of the lamest comedian in Japan…..

↑And they played AKB’s song, too~.

I even thought they would better change the title of TV show into Shukan JKT~

By the way, JKT’s Ace is Melody? Correct me if I’m wrong?

Yeah you’re correct, and Center is Shania.

I will Oshihen to Cleopatra…

Who is that girl who played a piano?
I’m interested in her.

Melody is Jakarta version of Shibazaki Koh!

It was so~ Moe~ to see JKT members moving their tongues rapidly~~

Whoaat?? Give me a link to the video!!!
So basically their personalities are similar to Iziry Okada!?!?

Iziry Okada did rapid tongue movement as a self introduction to em, and JKT48 emulated him. Iziry had a last drop of morale and said to JKT49 members, that “You shouldn’t emulate such naughty stuff!”

So it goes something like this?

Melody = Yuko
Shania = Mayuyu


Ghaida-chan looks like Mori Anna!!

Give me images.

Rena is a Japanese. Her nickname is どじょっこ (Dojoukko: A Loach Girl) Because she is a tough girl.
Melody is Homero~, because she loves to be praised.
Cleopatra is KureKureTakora, because she does a similar reaction to this Octopus figure.

My Oshimen? Nozawa and Melody.

These pics from Akicha’s Gugutasu~

There are some members I can’t tell who’s who, but a lot of cute members in the group~

Also, there’s cute members who didn’t join Tokyo Dome concert this time~

Who is that girl~?
I’ve been fallen in love with her~~

She is Rica-chan~!!

Come one, she is even cuter than Japanese~~!!

I thought Melody is cute while I was watching the PV of NEW SHIP, but I was surprised when I heard she is already 20…..

And I didn’t know there’s a pure Japanese whose nationality is also Japanese in the group….!!

Everyone is fresh and funny,
I guess they will grab a big success in Jakarta~~!!!??

I watched related videos and one word for them.


Indonesian JKT Ota are awesome, too!!!

The girl called Neon? is cute.
I bet she will be enormously popular in Japan.
Neon-chan~ Come to Japan~♥

It won’t take long until we see some JKT members will be transferred to AKB….

Sure, Neon-chan has a typical exotic face that Japanese love.

They’re cute, but Jakarta is too far….

Singing skill

Stella >>> Masuda Yuka, Akimoto Sayaka

I think there’s no room for Takajo Aki and Nakagawa Haruka to fill in~

Will they really play an important role in the group? Or ended up being mere guests?

Let’s see how it will turn out to be~.

This one single TV program made me a hardcore Dojoukko (Nozawa Rena)~~~~!!!
She is absolutely cute, and she is noble, good-mannered, smart and a good singer. And her personality is feminine!! Perfect combo!!!

↑LOL No matter how hard you try to spread that nickname, it will never be famous~~~

I guess you guys love anything as long as it’s XX48~~~

Shania is so cute~~ She loves Ramen!?!? Can I guide her to Tokyo Ramen tour???

Looking at JKT members together, I have an impression that Melody has too much Indonesian-like looks…

Uhmm Look these images, she is divinely beautiful.


If you like Tanochan’s looks, it won’t take time to get hooked on JKT48 girls~

I’m mad at staffs of this show as they cut off Ayana’s self introduction scene….

And it made my heart to see Ayana trying to explain what Ramen is about to Shania~~

JKT’s fans are so loyal. They rushed to TV studio just to watch JKT48~~~!!

I think they’d better learn Japanese as soon s possible, then they will have a chance to appear Japanese TV show more often.

↑I guess most of them are seriously studying Japanese right now~

Can’t wait to watch the next episode!!

Rena Nozawa 12:13 PM 9/15


aku senang bangat di syuukann AKB!!!
ini pertama kali aku masuk variety TV jepang (>_<)
terima kashi ke semua yang sudah nonton (^o^;) 

Good morning~!

It was so much fun to join “Shukan AKB”!!!

This is the first time we joined in Japanese variety TV show…

Thank you so much everyone for watching the show!!