Sashihara Is Not AKB!!! ~ KashiwagiYuki said in GachiGase

  September 14, 2012

From GachiGase, in the scene where the cast answer which dish, A or B, is cooked by professional Chef.

Watanabe “A tastes like it was cooked by AKB member, so I think B is the one made by pro?”
Host “But Sashihara says A tastes like pro..?”
Kashiwagi “But Sashihara is not AKB”

Correct answer was B, so Sashihara’s guess was wrong and Kashiwagi and Watanabe won the quiz.

Yes!! Yukirin hit the spott where it hurts the most with no hesitation. Just as Sashihara and fans were expecting of Yukirin. It’s so good to see her finally unveiling her potential!!

Then again she used a sliver tongue to add some fresh mood to this boring show!

Finally she created the image that can stack up to “Your story has no source!!” lol

These 3 photos make one set!

Shashihara makes a really interesting face….

Kashiwagi’s face in the first photo, as if she was sneering at Sashihara LOL

Sashihara is laughing so much in the left to Kashiwagi lol

And she has become somehow cute.

And even her hair style has changed.

As expected from these combi who have been close friends sing long before they joined AKB48….

I kinda feel, after the scandal, Kashiwagi has been intentionally increasing talking to Sashihara.

One of Yukirin’s great charms is her retorting skill. Though she could throw a harsh word to Sashihara because they’re old friends, I hope she will be able to do the same to other people, too.

Sashihara “You’re so mean.”
in Sashihara’s head “Yayyyyyy!!! As expected from Yukirin! Awesome!! Wasshoi Wasshoi! Give me more retorts!!”

GachiChale “Answer members who you mail on a daily basis.”
Minegishi “Sashihara….”
GachiChale “Sorry, Sashihara-san is…”
Minegishi “Aha! She is not AKB!! LOL”

Sure, she will be much popular if she go with a character, “Idol who is pure and innocent but with a poisonous tongue” rather than a character, “Idol who is pure and innocent, A+ student”