Ota’s Impression of music TV show Bokurano Ongaku feat. Jurina Matsui and Hideaki Tokunaga

  June 11, 2012
Then again, I’m convinced that Jurina is cute.
But…. I want her to go back to her old hair style…

She can be much popular to general audience when she has a short hair style.

I keenly felt this when I was asking people to vote for her through AKB mobiles.
But…. either way, I love you Jurina~~~~!!

I was thinking she would only make a shrot appearance in the show…. but!! This was awesome!!


Me, too. I could’t imagine she was featured in the show that much lon!!!

It looks like they deleted many scenes.

I guess they talked whole lot more than we watched it on TV.

I’m so much impressed with these two people!!!

So Jurina’s aura is amazing, isn’t it?
I was like – dream come true- show!!!
She clearly got the momentum!!!

But…. I couldn’t expect she could be featured in Bokurano Ongaku that soon….
Besides, this is the offer from Tokunaga-san’s side!! How awesome it is!!!
But I wonder who Jurina will invite if it were her???
No matter how powerful the other person is, she will never become timid….!
I bet she will be a great figure in the future.
It was a good  dialogue than I expected, and their “generation gap” didn’t make it awkward than I expected!!
It also was easy watching for new fans of Jurina, so maybe this show will end up increasing her Ota!!!
As you guys said, it looks like fair amount of scenes are deleted from the final broadcast…. I love to see the full cut version!!!
Actually I want to see everything of Jurina♡

As we expect, they naturally talked about the election.
It was so happy her dedication brought her a good result!!
Yeah, seriously, this was Kami TV show!!
Did Tokunaga-sam cast his vote for Jurina??
-Contents of the program
“Jurina is the person who Tokunaga-san wants to meet the most now.”

-Usual Introduction of Jurina
-footage from this election
-Her mother was born in the year of of Rooster
-36 years gap between Tokunaga-san and Jurina, both were born in the year of Horse
-they first met each other at the charity concert for Tohoku Great Earthquake and Tsunami at Makuhari Messe, in Chiba. (Jurina came to him to greet “Ohayougozaimasu”)
-Jurina looks at people’s eyes when she greets
-One strand of beautiful golden barley (is how Tokunaga-san described Jurina)
-From the audition footage to Ogoe Diamond, the song she played “double center” with -Accchan even before Jurina mamde er debut as a member of SKE48
-Tokunaga-san “Jurina has a kind of energy of Showa-era in a good sense. Figuratively speaking, she is like one of seven Dragon Balls which lead our souls.”

He even praised her “great actress”!!

I was so happy when he acknowledged her talent as an actress (^ー^* )

That was Kami TV show (゚▽゚*)
I’ve never seen this program when other AKB members guested in. Can you tell me that whether they are always praised like this in this show or not??
Can I really take that high praise as it is??

I think no other member have ever guested this show.

So the scene where Tomochin performed duet with him was from the different TV show?
That was from Music Fair. Takamina’s scene may be from Shin Domoto Kyodai.
I think the same staffs engage in the creation of these shows.
Though he talked about “generation gap”, it was good that it looked like he didn’t treat her as a child…
I guess he really is paying close attention to Jurina…
Anyway, is Tokunaga-san a kind of person who praise somebody that much??
Or is it because it wa Jurina???
It’s really great of her to be able to keep poised and talk with a person who is about 24 years older than her.
Jurina is beyond the framework of an idol.
Her aura already can stack up to Tokunaga-san’s!!
Great editing and Great show!!
Even if it was a flattering, it makes us so happy that he highly praised her.
Tokunaga is not a kind of person who flatters somebody.
He is a hard boiled man.
Oh is he?
Anyway it feels so nice that she was praised so much by the man who has a great career and has co-performed with many idols and artists.
Jurina was looking into his eyes during the conversation, so it surely got him more attracted to her.
I’m so impressed how much Jurina is favored by famous faces!!
That was really Kami TV show!!
Especially that handwritten memo caught my heart^^/

This is the question sheet Jurina prepared in advance.
Did she asked him all of them????

“How old do people think you are?? (People often thing me like 26 years old.)”
Jurina Kawaiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jurina is such a diligent girl!!
I love that arrow line on the sheet, which seems like she wrote to indicate the change of priority order??
How old do people think you are….. I’m 26 y/o……. lol
“I also want to go to your live concert….”
Though she was No.1 in this election (among SKE members),
watching this broadcast, I am convinced she will further rise more!1
I had an impression that this time next year, she would be in the place of the different dimension from other Branch offices’ members.
This year, she will gain unimaginable amount of fans!!!
I somehow have this anticipation.
For that sake, I hope she can take better care of herself.
And, we also must support her.
I’m relieved to have seen her upper arms looked a little plump.
You know, Jurina looked too skinny in these months…..
Yeah, recently we’ve heard many good news about her.
It really makes me glad that I’ve been Jurina-Oshi….

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