Sato Seira is enjoying excellent days!! and one more about newborn team S at AKB48 Theater

  September 28, 2012
Yuasa Hiroshi 10:00pm

We finished with today's stage, team S's first stage at AKB48 theater in the last three and a half years.

This is the first stage for team S that has been renewed, but I think the show was terrific ass everyone was so energetic.

Thank you so much to support the girls!!!



As always, Nannan is so wet…. LOL

What a godly shot!!

I just left the lobby.

Members who filled vacant positions are,

Onnanoko no Dairokkan

Rumi and Da~Su~



Momona and Nannan


Kyoko Nishiyama 23:25

Today's stage at AKB48 theater was team S's Seifuku no Me (^^)/~~~
Taem S from SKE came to perform this stage!!!

Wathing the real performance of this setlist is the first time for AKB48 theater as well as staffs of the theater ^.^;
We've studied by watching DVD to learn the formations and how to manage members satge entry and exit(^_-)
We prepared to welcome members as much as we can do so that they can perform their bestm(_ _)m

Though they only performed once (18:30~) for today,
I was overwhelmed by their outstanding presense as early as right after the show started\(^o^)/
It was a fabulous show that even made me thought that there would be more than 16 members on the stag(^^;)
“Seifuku no Me” (Me: Bud)
I felt not only above the ground surface they have taken root into soil, and quickly growing(^0^))☆☆((^Q^)v



Suda Akari 22:18

It was so mcuh fun~~~!!!
Because now we can't have many opportunities to perform as SKE theater is under construction,
then again I realized that I love Theater Stage and it's my roots!!
thus, thank you so much for supporting us to hold such a great show that made me thinkg that way★★★



Suga Nanako 22:24


And I joined the song performance of Mangekyoヽ(´□`。)ノ・゚


Because there are leave a lot of room to improve for me,
so I will practive more and perfect my performance♪( ´艸`)

Please looking forward to my next performance as well as Mangekyo!



Kito Momona 23:33

I joined a unit for Mangekyo!!!

Do you think the costume suits me well?



Ohhh Momona is now a member of team S!!

I accidentally forgot it and thought she joined the stage as Under…!

After all. we forget various things when we haven't been to theaters for a while.

Both of them looks fantastic in Mangekyo's costumes!!


Sato Seira 13:21

I finished with the work with Weekly Playboy(^-^)/

I'm moving to my next work at another location for FLASH \(^^)/

See you later~~~~★


Looks like she doesn't have her reoccuring headache today.
I'm so relieved as this is the very important period for her.

Wow!! This is the first time she mentioned she will appear in Playboy!!
It's gonna be awesome as she was treated pretty favalably in extra issue of Palyboy last time!!

Sato Seira 21:59

I finished with all photo shoots~~~~\(^^)/
Weekly Playboy-san
Nikkan Sports-san
AKB Shinbun-san

I had interviews and Gravure photo shoots with them★


Sato Seira 9/28 1:26

Unveiling release info~☆

Magazine and Newspapers release information!!

Sep 29
Nikkan Sports

Oct 9

Oct 15
Weekly Playboy

Oct 19
AKB Shinbun

I will appear in all of these in swimsuits~☆

Yeah I've been so aggressive!!!!

Oh yeah I got so wet!

And it's so fresh and clean!!!

I pushed the borders!! Mind blowingly sexy!!

Please enjoy different Seira in each media~~~♪

I'm so looking forward to the releaseヾ(@゜▽゜@)ノ

(Like Janken tournament) This time, too, will be fabulous(m'□'m)


I'm so shy about this (*/□\*)

Good night LOL


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  1. irontech says:

    Wow, Seira is on a roll here .. so many magazine shots.

    Glad she is slowly moving towards her dream.