UZA Theater ver. sales after 2nd application, Shimazaki Haruka made a great leap

  September 28, 2012

2nd application
Oshima  18/18 Sold Out ±0
Kasiwag 18/18 Sold Out ±0
Shinoda 18/18 Sold Out ±0
MatsuiR 18/18 Sold Out ±0
Mayuyu 18/18 Sold Out ±0
Milky  18/18 Sold Out ±0
Takamina18/18 Sold Out ±0
Kojima  18/18 Sold Out ±0
Sashiha 18/18 Sold Out ±0
Sayane 18/18 Sold Out ±0
Jurina  18/18 Sold Out ±0

Mocchi  18/18 Sold Out ±0
Suda   18/18 Sold Out +1
Yuihan  16/18 (2 Almost sold out)+2
Itano   16/18  +2
Minegishi 13/18 (2 Almost sold out)-2
Yuria   12/18  +2
Kitahara 10/18 (1 Almost sold out)±0
Sawako 10/18 (1 Almost sold out)±0
Paruru   10/18    +8
Churi   *9/18 (1 Almost sold out)-4
Ogiso   *8/18 (1 Almost sold out) ±0  
Umechan *7/18 (2 Almost sold out)±0
Suzuran *5/18 (3 Almost sold out)+1
Kimoto *4/18 (3 Almost sold out)+1
Yamada *4/18 (1 Almost sold out) +4 
Ohba   *3/18 (2 Almost sold out) ±0  
Nagao  *3/18 (1 Almost sold out) +3
Fujie   *2/18 +1   
Kasai   *1/18 (1 Almost sold out)  -2  
Kawaei  *1/18 +1

Fujie always has steady fans.

Mocchi is popular at handshake events.

As expected, Mochikura and Suda get good results.

I think Kasai's big drop is expected as Kasai dropped from Senbatsu this time…

Milky made a ridiculosuly big leap.
On the whole, SKE48 and NMB48 have been gaining a bigger presence.

Who is the girl below Minegishi?


Sure she increased so much. But it's nothing new that she sells out by 2nd application.

Just quietly Kitahara is decreasing…

↑It hasn't changed from Gingham Check.

After Kasai's incident last year (successive last-minute cancellations of handshake events), there're increasing fans that they will continue supporting her, but don't go to handshake events (because they don't want her to do physically exhausting job)
So even fans who always buy handshake tickets for her tend to act slowly, or buy other members tickets first….
That's a vicious circle…

God of handshake event Suda….. She sold out SKE's theater ver. (25/25) while she also sold out AKB's theater ver. (18/18)….

What great about Suda is she sold out that fast even though 3 of her time slots are part.7 (20:30~22:00).

Yokoyama, who has been selected for Senbatsu and made a topic for her concurrency also couldn't sell out all 18 slots….

↑While Kuramochi sold out without any of big push from management.

↑x3 Yuihan only leaves 2 almost sold out slots and she is at least in top 16.

Even though Itano is widely known to public, she is not that popular among AKB48 fans anymore despite now many of AKB fans are not hardcore Ota.
I think they can appeal to the general public more when they feature Yukirin of Mocchi in commercials instead of Itan?

↑The reason why Itano can star many commercials are because her agency, Hori pro, cares about her and put efforts to promote and make money with her.
It will never happen that Hori pro will give away precious commercial work to Watababe Production.

After all, Sashihara maintains her popularity no matter how severe bashing she's got….

What is this trend that sales numbers at Kobetsu Handshake events is everything about members popularities…?

↑That can't be helped. Because we only have Sousenkyo once a year, this is the one of few clear resource that we can talk about members popularities and talk about rivalry etc.

Inside AKB48
②Handshake event
③Theater performance
④Goods sales
⑤Google Plus

These are regarded as sacred.

Both Yasusu and Togasaki openly stated that “Real fans of AKB” are those who buy records, come to watch theater perforamnces and come to meet them at handshake event, those who support, give advices, give direct responses to the girls.

When they can't sell out by 1st or 2nd apllications, fans may think that “maybe I can wait til 3rd applications, so let's buy other popular members tickets for 1st and 2nd.”
And that further make it difficut to regain the sales velocity…

Nana completely finished the battle for 3rd spot of NMB48 in Kanto Area.

Gingham Check 2nd → Uza 2nd

Mocchi  16→18完売
Suda  16→18完売
Yokoya   14→16
Itano   14→16
Minagishi   15→13
Yuria   10→12
Kitahara   10→10
Sawako   11→10
Shimazaki   *2→10
Churi  13→*9
Ogiso *8→*8
Umecha *7→*7
Suzuran *4→*5
Kanon   *3→*4
Yamada *0→*4
Ohba   *3→*3
Nagao  *0→*3
Fujie  *1→*2
Kasai   *3→*1
Kawaei   *0→*1

Though many people say people will surely be disappointed at Paruru's response at handshake event, I think we've reached teh cosensus that Paruru is getting better.

↑That's what I thought when I met her last time. Sure she is poor at talking, but she is not at all salty. She try to listen to what I talk and she is damn cute. I bet she will gain many new fans after this handshake events.

I'm glad that Nagao and Kawaei is getting popular,
but it's a bit risky bet to let Miyazawa and Akicha leave AKB48 for a while.
Reinyan is stable as always.

Gingham Check
1st 2nd
Miyazawa *0/18 18/18
Takajo *0/18 16/18

↑It's a bit too early to conclude tha Kawaei's popularity is increasing.

Basically AKB48 itself is in decline….
Total number of sold out
Kazefuki 515
Uekara 466
GM5   495
Manastu 551
Gingham 384
UZA   368

Alright guys. Don't say Kitarie and Umeda decreased.
Members who dropped their number are followings.

Minegishi   15→13
Sawako    11→10
Churi         13→*9
Kasai        *3→*1

↑Kitahara's severe decline has started way before Gingham Check.

1st 2nd
GM5  Kita   *0/18     18/18 SO
Manatsu Kita   *0/18     18/18 SO
1830  Kita   *0/18     12/18 ASO1
Gingham Kita  *0/18     10/18
UZA   Kita  *0/18     10/18

It's good to see Paruru and 9gen members are becoming more popular,
but it's not good to see way too much decline of veteran members.

It's too early for Shimazaki Ota to be pleased with this result.
Because now she is at the peak of promotional push, We can only say her popularity is real when she can sell out by 2nd application.

↑I think it's probably because she used to be a member who sell out in 5th application. I'm not sure if she will continue selling at this rapid pace from now on.

Itano made a great leap in the election right after people were impressed with her kind response at handshake event for RIVER.
It was decisive handshake events for Itano.
Now Paruru, this handshake is gonna be a decisive event for her.

TeamS         TeamK2        TeamE.           TeamN         TeamM.         TeamH         ドームで移籍・兼任メン
松井玲 18/18②   秦     10/18(1).  木本   *4/18(3).  渡辺美 18/18②   矢倉   *0/*9     指原   18/18     横山   16/18(2).  
松井珠 18/18②   高柳   *9/18(1).  金子   *0/15     山本彩 18/18②   木下百 *0/*6     宮脇   *0/18     北原   10/18(1).  
須田   18/18②   小木曽 *8/18(1).  古畑   *0/15     山田菜 *4/18(1).  谷川   *0/*6     兒玉   *0/12     多田   *0/18    
木﨑   12/18     古川   *0/18     梅本ま . *0/12     小笠原 *0/18     肥川   *0/*6     森保   *0/12    
大矢   *0/18     向田   *0/18     柴田   *0/12     福本   *0/18     村上   *0/*6     松岡   *0/*9    
平松   *0/18     松本   *0/15     原     *0/12     上西   *0/*9     島田玲 *0/*3     本村   *0/*9    
矢神   *0/18     矢方   *0/15     小林亜 *0/*6     白間   *0/*9     高野   *0/*3     穴井   *0/*6    
木下有 *0/*9     阿比留 *0/*6     斉藤   *0/*6     吉田   *0/*9     山岸   *0/*3     植木   *0/*6    
菅     *0/*9     石田安 *0/*6     竹内舞 *0/*6     門脇   *0/*6     與儀   *0/*3     下野   *0/*6    
出口   *0/*9     加藤智 *0/*6     山下   *0/*6     岸野   *0/*6     太田里 0.0/2.0     中西智 *0/*6    
加藤る . *0/*6     後藤理 *0/*6     磯原   *0/*3     木下春 *0/*6     沖田   0.0/2.0     村重   *0/*6    
鬼頭   *0/*6     佐藤実 *0/*6     上野圭 *0/*3     小谷   *0/*6     川上   0.0/2.0     熊沢   *0/*3    
桑原   *0/*6     佐藤聖 *0/*3     内山命 *0/*3     近藤   *0/*6     藤田留 0.0/2.0     若田部 *0/*3    
高田   *0/*6     赤枝   0.0/2.0     酒井   *0/*3     松田   *0/*6     三田   0.0/2.0     田中菜 0.0/2.0    
中西優 *0/*6     井口   0.0/2.0     高木   0.0/2.0     篠原   *0/*3     村瀬   0.0/2.0    
              山田澪 0.0/2.0     都築   0.0/2.0     山口   *0/*3 



  1. Anoooonn says:

    It’s not that Tomochin is not popular among AKB fans anymore, she’s just not gaining any new fans within the fandom. She has come to stagnant point within AKB. Juniors may surpass her in HS events but Tomochin’s loyal fanbase is always there for her. It shows through the election. Rena, Suda are HS goddesses, sold a lot faster than Tomochin did but looking at last election votes, who can say that those two are more popular?

    Regarding Tomochin vs Yukirin/Mocchi for general public marketing, I disagree with those comments. Let’s be real, who goes to these HS event? Mostly male wota, with a smaller portion of casual fans. Yukirin and Mocchi are popular with male wota, Tomochin is not. But Tomochin has the appeal of a model/trend setter, despise her height, she appeals to girls, to young women. That’s why she’s usually chosen to advertise female products – Samantha Thavasa, the trendy E-Mobile, girl’s dress-up video games,… as she appeals to the consumer that the brands target. Yukirin/Mocchi appeals more to male, but they can’t exactly promote suits and tie, shaving lotion,…can they? Sure they can advertise food, drinks,…but the range is more limited, compared to Tomochin.

    • moofuq says:

      So, Yukirin and Mocchi can advertise male products if they’re popular with men. Like aftershave or motorcycle… damn, how hot they are riding a bike wearing tight leather pants…
      Well, we don’t know about marketing and showbiz deeply. Like wotas said it could depend on the agency.

  2. irondenim says:

    mocchi?kuramochi? watde-_- lulz kasai lulz

  3. Jessica says:

    Why is it that less girls had a sold-out for the 1st application even for senbatsu members?