(Pickups) Watanabe Miyuki made a great leap, selling a lot of 28th Single UZA and 4 more!!!

  September 26, 2012

Nakagawa Haruka 6:36pm 9/26

I finished with the filming session for Anta Dare~♪

And Wow! I will throw a first pitch for the Yakult Swallows vs Hanshin Tigers on this Friday!!

It feels like a dream….

I will practice hard for it!!!

And, Thank you so much for Anta Dare-san!


Yudai Takenaka 18:32


During today's Anta Dare….

Katayama-san's wish that she wanted to join Anta Dare with Kashiwagi-san,

and Nakagawa-san's wish that she wants to throw the first pitch for a baseball game,

have come true! ※The real pitch will be thrown on Friday, 2 day later.


Nonaka Misato 19:01 9/26

I'm jealous…. (>_<)[/do] [do action="g-comment-post" name="Nonaka Misato" datetime="19:03 9/26" image="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-v9E9vQnPMc8/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/yfI5LDDxZZY/photo.jpg?sz=48"]Baseball....[/do] " LOL the first Anta Dare member who realized her wish to throw the first pitch for a baseball match soon came up!! " I'be never heard someone who threw it more than once a year LOL " Junban.... LOL [do action="g-comment-post" name="yudai takenaka" datetime="19:13 9/26" image="https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/-Rtq_PwI8ces/AAAAAAAAAAI/AAAAAAAAAAA/2hQXciQswmI/photo.jpg?sz=48"]Nonaka-san..... For the time being, can you wait til your Junban (Your turn) will come?[/do] .


[do action="multi-title"]Watanabe Miyuki made a great leap according to the sales number of UZA theater ver.

Gingmah→UZA (KObetsu handshake event)
**Oshima 18/18→18/18

Kashiwagi 13/18→16/18 (2 almost Sold Out)

*Shinoda 10/18→14/18 (3)

***Rena *9/18→11/18 (2)

*Mayuyu *7/18→*6/18 (3)

***Milky *0/18→*5/18 (3)

Takamina *5/18→*4/18 (2)

**Kojima *4/18→*3/18 (2)

Sashihara *3/18→*1/18

Yamamoto *0/18 (2)

Matsui Jurina *0/18 (1)

18 means total time slots of their handshake event.

Kobetsu Handshake event for UZA will be held for three times. Each member in this list has 6 slots for each day, which is a maximum number (Minimum: 1 x 3 days = 3)

Milky LOL Whatta Great Leap!!!

Milky *0/18→*5/18

Probably it's thanks to her handshake lecture to Minegishi…?

Sure…. once you saw her Fishing lecture…. it's impossible to resist her…

The reason why she sells better than the last time.

・Gingham Check was released at the almost same timing as 1830m.

・This time, popular members, Miyazawa Sae and Takajo Aki don't join this event.

What's wrong with Sashihara!!!

Sashihara *3/18→*1/18

History of Sashihara Rino's sales figure for AKB48's singles theater version

After the 1st application

*9/18 Flying Get

11/18 Kaze ha Fuiteiru

*5/18 Uekara Mariko

*7/18 Manatsu no Sounds Good!

*3/18 Gingham Check

*1/18 UZA

Sashihara….. has been decreasing just as expected….

Because it's expected that Sashihara will release her 2nd single, and it does have theater version, too.

Even so, this clearly tells her popularity is decreasing…

UZA Theater version sales after 1st application

現TeamA.         現TeamK       現TeamB       TeamS         TeamN    


  1. 涼介 高橋 says:

    WHY SAYANEE’S STILL 0 SLOT??? :((((((((

  2. Mario Medves says:

    A lot of 0/18 it’s the wrong season for HS.
    From 1st application
    – Shinoda sell lot more than Takamina and Kojiharu.
    – Mayu sell 1/3 respect Yukirin.
    – Abissal difference for the 2 Matsui.

  3. tonarinobanana says:

    GO MILKY m/

  4. banjjak says:

    how come yuko is more sold out than acchan?