Kashiwagi Yuki awarded for AKB48 Cafe's No.1 Menu Kashiwagi Family's BanaMayo-pan and 3 more!

  September 26, 2012
Nagao Mariya 21:33 9/26

This is what happend a little ago!

Yamauchi: “Minarun (Ohba Mina)!! Please take a photo of us right now!!”
Nagao: “Yes! Please take it with my cellphone!!”
Ohba: “… (Sound of a camera chutter)”

And this is the finished product.

How do I put it….

What's this picture(?Θ?)




She is doing such a bold thing when she is wearing that Watermelon pants!?!?

She is showing off the watermelon pants to Yokoyama while she is lying in Suzuran's arms!?!?

NGO is such a coquette~


Tanabe Miku 10:10pm 9/26

(skip – She wrote the lyrics of the famous song by the late singer Ozaki Yutaka)




This girl pretends as if she was a theft, but actually she is a police


Okada Takashi 16:21

Kashiwagi Yuki-san attened the 1st anniversary of AKI48 Cafe & Shop Akihabara!!

The event is live broadcast in AKB48 Shop & Cafe in Namba and Hakata, too.

She received the letter of appreciation from the manager of the shop as “Kashiwagi Family's BanaMayo-pan” (Banana and Mayonnaise Bread) has sold total 10,979 pieces as of the end of August since it was listed on the menu. This has become the most popular menu at AKB48 Cafe.

When the manager told “When we calculated, we found this bread sells one piece every 6 minutes.”
Kashiwagi confidentely answered “As I expected.” (Or as I calculated in my head)
She added, “My mom will definitely be happy about this.”

To commemorate the 1st anniversarry, they plan to release full body size tapestry, which will be produced only 1,500 pieces.

After the press event, Kashiwagi-san made a surprise appearance at Cafe. She served Kashiwagi Family's BanaMayo-pan to customers at the Cafe herself. Everyone looked so pleased.

By the way, because I was just curious about it, I asked whether she eats the pan at home or not, she said “I just normally eat it.”


how to win back your ex



Lion stares at us like Kitarie!!

Kitarie don't stare at me!

…. Oops!!

This is the latest XX! Don't Stare at Me!!

Miyazawa and Rena also looking at me. But the girl I want to talk about is unarguably… Kitarie.

These pictures convinced me that we need Kitarie in Senbatsu….



  1. 涼介 高橋 says:

    Totally love Kitarie’s expression.. she gotta be Senbatsu for good. hahaha.. XP. And Yukirin can cook?? Well that’s new hahaha

  2. KudoShinichikun says:

    Kitarie~~~ don’t stare at me series is always EPIC with Kitarie!!! LOLOL
    Tanamin reporting from “Keishicho Sousa-Ikka” hahaha
    and i think i should try to make that Yukirin’s dish at home…

  3. blacknezumi says:

    Japanese sure love their mayo or something but then overall Banamayo-pan seems to be easy to make,

  4. Mochi says:

    I remember seeing that when I was in Japan and went to their cafe…but it sounded so gross…..D:

  5. moofuq says:

    Kitarie should be put back to senbatsu!!
    Yuki is aware though that bananamayopan is a weird food, but she doesn’t give a f*ck about it.. Even when members mock it, she’s like “I like it, I don’t need you to like it”.. but still it sells well.. 😀

  6. cryt says:

    Genius marketing move, Kashiwagi, introducing banamayo pan, part of a complete balanced breakfast. You’ve got your carbs(bread), dairy(mayo), and fruit(banana) in one go, while creating the most interesting thing on the menu under her name.

    I think Kitarie is doing this on purpose, she purposely stares into the cameras that the rest of the senbatsu have ignored.

  7. yoshinator54 says:

    I’m just gonna make some banamayo pan at my house just to see how it tastes. I kinda feel like it would taste something like banana yogurt on bread….