Watanabe Miyuki (Milky) made ‘team B’ debut!

  June 29, 2012

Nishiyama Kyoko on G+

AKB48 theater on June 29 (Fri)\(^o^)/
In Team B Theater no Megami (Goddess of Theater) Stage,…..
Mi…. Mi…. Milky made her first appearance!!

Milky “I will give it my best so that I can become your theater’s MegaMilky!!!” (Megami: Goddess)

So cute~~~~
It almost makes me cry as I picture her thinking of the phrase so hard~~~~ (。;ω;。)

Milky “Because I’m usually called Milky, I would be happy if you call Miyuki-chan!”

DMM~~~~~ Hurry up~~~~~!!

I want to meet further developed Milky as soon as possible!!

Milky!!! Congratulation on your Shonich!!

I hope you will become Theater no MegaMilky~

Ohhhhhhhh She is sooooo cute!!!!!


Everyone! Please support Milky who is “also” a member of team B!!

It gets me sooooo high!!

Saru-Obasan thank you~~~~!!!!

Why Yukirin isn’t there on such a special day!!

MegaMilky…. Mega-Milky or Megami-lky….. Both can work fine!!

I love AKB’s milky, too!!

Whose position Milky is performing?

What? Of course Hirajima’s position. Don’t ask such a wacky question, noob!!

So Milky is wearing Nacchan’s costume!!

Togasaki Tomonobu on G+

Tomorrow’s temperature is 28℃!! It’s going to be fine weather just like “Manatsu no Sounds Good!
As for me, I’ve been recovering very well.

LOL Why is he live-reporting about himself at this timing!!
Is he Ponkotsu? lol

TGSK~ You appeared at the most awkward timing~~~!!!

Togachan (TGSK) is trying to draw our attention so that he won’t be forgotten and lose his reputation among fans!

Saru-Obasan’s photos are stunning!! So what that TGSK we’ve been talking about? lol

I’m so looking forward to seeing how W Watanabe will be like!! They will go with friendly mood? Or They will be more serious rivals….. ?

To NMB fans!!
The unit Milky joins is Rocker Room Boy(ロッカールームボーイ)!!
Because today, TGSK is sick, I’m playing Under of him….. ^^;
Right before the performance of 100m Convini starts ^^;
Together with Shihori, Milky is so concentrated on this Stage(^|^)b
What she is looking from this Stage is….. the view she has never seen before!!
This handsome girl!!! She is like young Samurai

I can’t imagine she is the same person of ChapuChapu ヽ(゜∀゜)

Is she a professional photographer??? What an excellent image quality!!

It was so lucky of Milky that it was Saru-Obasan who took photos of her Shonichi!
This also proved that Milky has a fate on her side!

Milky “When I was doing G+ in the night, I thought it7s rather boring to just say “Well, I will take a bath”, so I figured I’d better say “ChapuChapu”♪” (this is a fan-made fiction)

Watanabe Miyuki, the girl who has the name of both B’s ultimate Ace, Watanabe, and captain, Yuki….. “Watanabe” Mi”Yuki”……

Shihori’s face…. lol

She is completely making Doyagao face!! lol

Seriously….. what a nice pic!!

That you so much for their armpits!!

Milky is so cute!! We got such a nice gift from Osaka~.

I seriously think these photos are taken by a professional photographer.
They are taken from perfectly calculated angels!!

OdorokiMayuyu~ (Mayuyu is surprised~) ヽ(゜∀゜)
Chuu-chan, Suuchan, where are you looking at during MC?
Shiokaze no Shoutaijo
Suuchan and Milky, exchange broad smiles!! (*^_^*)

What a wonderful photograph!! This is almost an art-piece!!

Handshake event…. lol

For AKB’s PR (=Saru-Oba), this is the first good news after Sashihara’s scandal, so it’s natural that they gets so pumped up.
TGSK also did a good job (for preparation)! 

I heard call for Milky in team B Oshi is simply “Milky”.

If she plays Nacchan’s position, then it would be a safe choice….

LOL It’s so normal…

Yeah…. but because her position is originally played by Ncchan, don’t you think it’s natural?

“Come again~~~” by Yuttan and Milky~♪ in Kansai-dialect.

Hope she will seriously aim at overtake Mayuyu and Yukirin and work hard to realize it!

So when she will appear next time?

I will buy a tickets at any cost!!