[ Light Post ] AKB48 members Graduation Album Pictures from the past! Can you recognize all of them?

AKB48 13th Gen Iwatate Saho aka Sahhoo shows her humanity for her fan who wants to Commit Suicide

Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48/AKB48) will be starring in Majisuka Gakuen 5 – accidental leak by Playboy magazine?

Mukaichi Mion vs Miyawaki Sakura vs Owada Nana – Who is the most famous in Japan?

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JKT48 overseas activities, 1st major award, Pajama Drive revival 2.0, new variety show and more


Its been a few busy months for JKT48 members beside performing at the theater as their usual activities, they also performed in a couple of & off air events –

JKT48 6th Single Sousenkyo results, VIVA JKT48 update, new CM & more news


After months of campaigning and voting, finally JKT48’s 1st ever sousenkyo -which results determined the senbatsu members for JKT48’s 6th single- has come to end. Below are the complete results:

JKT48 3rd Generation News, Flying Get Concert, Sousenkyo preliminary results & more news


Hi everyone, it’s Afit again here. I apologize for the recent delay in JKT48 updates, I’ve been tied up with IRL stuff that I simply didn’t have enough time to

JKT48 Manatsu No Sounds Good handshake event, Team KIII’s new setlist, VIVA JKT48 movie info and more!


Hello everyone,we meet again. The tension is still high after the recent Grand Reformation Festival, so let me ease the tension by reporting about JKT48’s Manatsu no Sounds Good Handshake

Yang YaRu and Wang JiaLu (Team NII) left SNH48


SNH48 Team NII members: Yang Yaru (杨雅如) and Wang Jialu (王佳路) have recently decided to left the group. Their reason for leaving were a bit vague, mainly because due of

Former AKB48 Maeda Atsuko at Sapporo Dome Concert, Time Machine Nante Iranai and confirmation (?) about SPR48


Last night, 31st July 2013, AKB48 had their 2nd (out of 5) Dome Concert and it was held at Sapporo Dome which is located in Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, Japan, and is

Center for AKB48 31st Single “Sayonara Crawl” unveiled!


BKA48 will sing a coupling to “Sayonara Crawl” AKB48 KKS will hold Budokan Concert Center for AKb48 31st Single “Sayonara Crawl” unveiled! Masuda Yuka at her first solo event after graduation “BKA48

Former AKB48 Mitsumune Kaoru modeling for popular fashion brand [5 topics – MV and Artwork for Kasai Tomomi’s 2nd single, etc]


1. Portraits of AKB48 members hung on the wall at theater’s lobby will go through total makeover 2. Usual stuff by 5th generation members LOL 3. Lovely Gag by HKT48

Murashige Anna aka “Center of Gui Gui Senbatsu” goes aggressive to Itano Tomomi!! [4topics]


1. NMB48 Kotani Riho’s dorky portrait of Yamamoto Sayaka LOL 2. Moestagram!! 3. Murashige Anna aka “Center of Gui Gui Senbatsu” goes aggressive to Itano Tomomi!! 4. Behind the scenes of SKE48

AKB48 alumna Hirajima Natsumi aka Nacchan made come back to Google Plus!! [2 topics]


1. AKB48 alumna Hirajima Natsumi aka Nacchan made come back to Google Plus!! 2. You can be the designer of jacket artwork of Watanabe Mayu’s 4th single! As reported earlier, AKB

AKB48 alumna Nakaya Sayaka shared the result of Seiyu audition for Anime “Milky Holmes”


1. 31st single theater version sales breakdown 2. AKB48 alumna Nakaya Sayaka shared the result of Seiyu audition for Anime “Milky Holmes” …. Assuming everyone understands what numbers in these tables

2 topics: Former AKB48 Maeda Atsuko stars upcoming Drama directed by Movie Director of “Kueki Ressha”


Recently, it’s announced NMB48’s namesake show, “Dokking 48” on Kansai TV net will be dropped. And the news brought quite a big disappointment to fans of the group based in

Maeda Atsko's Ameba Blog to close and one more


. ” Assan!! ” Confirmed!! Assan is fine! ” Finally members who got real talents are getting opportunities to shine…. ” Hasn't she noticed that the Kenkyusei also came to

AKB48 MVs that have the best appearance of each member


” Please share your opinion following the form below. (Member’s name) shines the most in (Song’s name)’s MV You choice is limited to MVs. ” Meetan was shining the most

Maeda Atsuko: “I don’t want to have a relationship until I achieve my set goal as an actress”


” Atsuko “I will be living together with Oshima Yuko and Nakagawa Haruka, for this month.” “After I announced my graduation, a sort of mental barrier that we’d created between

Former AKB48 Yonezawa Rumi revealed "I was in a relationship when I was in AKB48"


” Yeah I know, everyone knows…. ” But the thing is, is it okay to say this kind of thing publicly? ” It’s just because she want to continue to

Mayuyu had a dialogue with Nacchan for Bonus footage of Otota Jelly Beans


“I’m from Mariko-sama fan thread.Toda’s Sports Hochi newspaper has a large article about DVD content of Mayuyu’s new single.She has a conversation with Hirajima Natsumi in Type-C,Typre-A’s content is titled