Former AKB48 Mitsumune Kaoru modeling for popular fashion brand [5 topics – MV and Artwork for Kasai Tomomi’s 2nd single, etc]

  April 24, 2013

1. Portraits of AKB48 members hung on the wall at theater’s lobby will go through total makeover

2. Usual stuff by 5th generation members LOL

3. Lovely Gag by HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka

4. Mitsumune Kaoru modeling for fashion brand “Urban Research”

5.Artwork for Kasai Tomomi’s 2nd single unveiled

Togasaki Tomonobu 2013/04/23 23:17

We’re now replacing all portraits on the wall.

Stay tuned for new photos!!

Hirata Rina 4/23 23:31


Can’t wait to see them!


Oh… finally they unveil members of STF48??? (Staff 48)

This is bitter sweet… We miss the old photos hung on the theater wall.

As you know, taking photographs at AKB48 theater’s lobby is not a violation of the rule. (Filming video or sound recording is strictly prohibited.)

We’ll see tons of people taking photographs of brand new portraits of members at the lobby for a while.

This, however, somewhat ruined a mood of Moeno taking portrait off of the wall… At least some fans certainly wanted to see the void on the wall where Moeno’s photo used to be placed, and reminisce the memory….

Recently HKT48 changed all profile photos of members and it’s been received pretty well.

hkt48 profile photos akb48 wrapup hkt48 profile photos akb48 wrapup (2)


tomonaga mio akb48 hkt48 wrapup


And fans confirmed that Togasaki TOmonobu will be the photographer for AKB48 members’ new portraits.