Former AKB48 Mitsumune Kaoru modeling for popular fashion brand [5 topics – MV and Artwork for Kasai Tomomi’s 2nd single, etc]

  April 24, 2013

1. Portraits of AKB48 members hung on the wall at theater’s lobby will go through total makeover

2. Usual stuff by 5th generation members LOL

3. Lovely Gag by HKT48 Moriyasu Madoka

4. Mitsumune Kaoru modeling for fashion brand “Urban Research”

5.Artwork for Kasai Tomomi’s 2nd single unveiled

For the artwork of her upcoming 2nd solo single, Kasai Tomomi (21) publicly introduced the image of her kitten “Mash-kun” for the first time, it’s announced. Kasai, who graduates from AKB48 on May 3 unveiled artwork for her 2nd single as well as it’s title.

Unveiled Artwork for Kasai Tomomi’s 2nd single “Mine” 

kasai tomomi 2nd single Mine


In contrast with the sexy shot – naked body wrapped in white shirt – for her 1st single, the image for the 2nd single projects feminine, lovely image of Kasai.

kasai tomomi masaka 1st single

Artwork for her 1st solo single “Masaka”

She joined the creation process of the 2nd single from the start to the end, from artwork design, MV creation to all kinds of meetings.

“I expressed lots of my opinions for the production of 2nd single. Thus, the final product contains lots of my feelings.”

The footage of Kasai cooking – She is good at cooking – is contained in the single as a bonus.

Now it’s less than 2 week before her graduation theater performance on May 3rd.

“I would like to put all of my energy into my activities as a solist after the gradution”, Kasai said.

source: Nikkan vie AKB48 no Netanews