AKB48 alumna Hirajima Natsumi aka Nacchan made come back to Google Plus!! [2 topics]

  April 19, 2013

1. AKB48 alumna Hirajima Natsumi aka Nacchan made come back to Google Plus!!

2. You can be the designer of jacket artwork of Watanabe Mayu’s 4th single!

As reported earlier, AKB graduates who have participated this year’s election are asked to join Google Plus as an attempt to provide fair environment for all candidates.

First Yukori (Sato Yukari) and today Hirajima Natsumi joined Google Plus!


Hirajima Natsumi: 

Good evening! I am Natsumi Hirashima.

Since it decided to run for the general election this year, I have created an account of Google+!
I am very glad to participate in Google Plus again! ! ! !

source: HIrajima Natsumi Google Plus

Mayu Watanabe of AKB48 released her 2nd photobook “Watanabe Mayu school uniform collection – Last glimpse of Watanabe Mayu in school uniform” (published by Shueisha) on 19th.

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For her 2nd photobook, Watanabe is dressed in school uniform of 94 real high schools in Japan. Dressed in variety of uniforms that all students wore in their high school time, swimsuits, gym uniform., and uniforms for club activities, all the precious images of Watanabe Mayuyu are preserved in the photobook, making it must items for every fan of the girl.

Moreover, it’s announced that she will release 4th single in coming July. Sony will hold a competition for the artwork of the single, and everyone is eligible to join it.

The competition, “Anata no Illust ga Shinkyoku no Jacket ni Narimayuyu” (Your illustration will be jacket artwork of Mayuyu’s new single), is held on image sharing board “pixiv”.

Link: Pixiv “Watanabe Mayu 4th single jacket artwork design competition”

Winner’s work will be used to one of multiple types of the new single.

The competition will start from April 26th and end on May 16th.

watanabe mayu

Stay tuned for more updates on Watanabe Mayu official website.