AKB48 31st Single title is “Sayonara Crawl” [5 topics]

  April 17, 2013
  1. AKB48 31st Single title revealed, “Sayonara Crawl”
  2. MayuYukirin reunion!
  3. AKB graduates on Google Plus
  4. Yamamoto Sayaka and Kojima Haruna got sick
  5. Noro Kayo as Evil Dead says “I want to curse Akimoto Yasushi!” LOL
  6. SKE48 Spring Concert 2013 – This footage of moving stage from 1 Komeda makes you speechless!!

Okay so let’s start with the latest news.

AKB48 31st single (pre-election single) will go on sale on May 22th. And most of fans already have pre-ordered the single even before it’s title has been announced.

Now they announced the title officially.

It’s “Sayonara Crawl” (Good Bye Crawl)


AKB48 31st Single “Sayonara Crawl” (さよならクロール – Good Bye Crawl)


1. Sayonara Crawl

2. Bara no Kajitsu (Fruits of Rose) by Under Girls

3. Ikirukoto (Living) by team A – type A

3. How come? by team K – type K

3. Romance Kenju (Romance Pistol) by team B – type B


1. Sayonara Crawl Music VIdeo

2. Sayonara Crawl Music Video ~ Swim Suits ver. ~

3. Music Video of track 2

4. Music Video of track 3

5. Making footage of Sayonara Crawl MV (1/2)

6. Special Bonus footage for type A

source: King Records

Well, now let’s start with other news topics!

Since Bunshun’s weird scandal (Gokon) report, quite a few people have been rattled by the rumor that friendship between Watanabe Mayu and Kashiwagi Yuki has become awkward.

We have no say whether the rumor is true or not, but it’s true that we haven’t seen them frolicking with each other like they used to.
But, did you check out Mariko’s blog recently??
Oh yeah! She shared a cute couple shot of MayuYukirin!!


The photo was taken when they went dinner together after the filming of Kayokyoku.

Sweet! Thank yiu~~ to Mariko!

source: Mariko blog

Bonus MayuYukirin photos for readers:


Watanabe Mayu: (Kashiwagi is) best friend of mine in team B.

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