Maeda Atsko's Ameba Blog to close and one more

  October 19, 2012

Masuda Yuka 5:27am Fri Oct 19

We wrapped up our show*\(^o^)/*!I had so much fun!!Yuko and Atsuko came to watch the show today( ^ω^ ) We cried together lol It was a really happy moment (;_;)




Confirmed!! Assan is fine!

Finally members who got real talents are getting opportunities to shine….

Hasn't she noticed that the Kenkyusei also came to watch the show?

Masuda Yuka

Many members came to watch the show, too!! Thank you for coming despite your busy schedule!! I'm so grateful to everyone(;_;)


I think she can't notice if they're 14 gen members…


Yukarun( ゚∀゚)!!! We've been long worried about you!!!!!!!!


Will she leave Ohta Production????

I will LOL if her new blog won't allow readers to leave comments.

Images on her website will be removed, too. So you gotta save all photos you want to keep.

Will she leave her agency…?

Why do those who are on the way out want to go New York?

I'm wondering if she will end up like Erepyon…..

I think they will make a website dedicated to her, not on ameba where you have limited room to customize….?

I don't think she will leave Ohta at least for a while until the Pachinko will be over.

I think they will set up her fanclub and it's website that includes her blog?

After the scandal, she suddenly stopped updating her blog. I was wondering what will happen next…. and as expected, she will make a new start on a new blog.

After all, she doesn't have as strong mentality as Yuko….

↑Don't be kidding.

In terms of mentality, Maeda is far tougher than Yuko.

Her fans had been so worried about her over past several weeks, and she shamelessly said she was playing around somewhere?

By the way, how does she watch movies in America when she doesn't understand English?

By the way, during the solo event about one month ago, she said all the past articles will be moved to the new site.

I guess the Butt revealing incident totally messed up her career…..

This is the first update after she graduated AKB….

I didn't know there're still so many Maeda Ota…



  1. when she was in AKB evereyone was like : Oh, Acchan, you working too much, please agency give her some break.
    When she is not in akb and have some break ,so suddenly everyone is like: She dares to be on a break?! Afetr her scandal ?!
    WELL, she is a human and need rest too …

  2. Narkoe says:

    i very very want to see her somewhere in TV Variety……
    I miss you Atchan! T^T

  3. archite says:

    How do you even measure someone’s mentality =.= It’s so unfair to say that Acchan has stronger mentality to Yuko or the other way around. Both have strong mentalities. But I’m glad Acchan is finally updating her blog again. I miss her updates.

  4. bentobox says:

    So, Atsuko is preparing her study in New York, huh?

  5. sayu123 says:

    imagine walking through NYC and randomly meeting Acchan *_*

  6. Janet S. says:

    She’s enjoying her less hectic schedule which is nice, hope she had fun. So she’s gonna open an official site, that’s quite a good idea. I love her cat, it’s so cute.