Yoshirin: There's nothing wrong with Yuko – Maeda Atsuko Scandal

  September 15, 2012

That’s it. He knows his stuffs!

Victimizer: Maeda
Victim: Oshima, Nakagawa, Sato Takeru

↑Almost correct.

If only Yoshirin’s Oshimen was only Miorin…. then, he would never have to suffer from his Oshimen’s scandal…..

After all, both Anti AKB and AKB Ota can’t see AKB in an objective manner….

>Whether it was Gokon party or Graduation Celebrating party…

Because that was obviously Gokon party, tons of people are slamming the 3 girls.
Come on… this guy just can’t face the reality…

If this is only about Maeda’s confession of her love to Sato Takeru, why there’re foreigners? And why the foreigner kicked Maeda’s ass?

I think it can be explained if the foreigner was a gay.
Maybe he was so upset when Maeda was trying to deprive of Sato from him.
So he kicked Maeda.

I LOL’d because the way he protect Oshima Yuko is exactly the same as the way those Oshima Ota is trying to protect her….

I want this man to stop making comment based on speculation, because he is, after all, an influential figure.
Or is it the real story that Maeda confessed her love to Sato but rejected? He obtained this story from some reliable source???

Why he forms his opinion based on internet rumors?
Because he is a friend of Akimoto Yasushi, why he doesn’t ask Akimoto directly about the scandal?

They couldn’t stop Maeda being totally drunk.
They couldn’t stop Maeda left the store to go back her home, and she was drunk.
Both, they could take action to stop Maeda if they were serious about it….

The girl who joins Gokon party when she belongs to the group that has Love-Ban-Law.
It’s a natural consequence that she is slammed…
Besides, this girl is a captain of team K!! No penalty? Seriously?

Somehow, it looks like he is completely sure that Maeda Atsuko was dumped by Sato Takeru…

Come on…. Yoshirin, you have no leisure to talk about idols when Japan is confronting China over the disputed island…