[TV Recap] Kitahara Rie – Terrace House テラスハウス 2nd Episode

  October 19, 2012

” Shitty TV show has started!!!! ” ↑Which means you watched the first episode? ” ↑Of course…. I don’T like to watch it, but how to put it…. I can’t help but watch it, though i know it’s not something that I can enjoy.   ” Is this a Tv show that you guys get jealous?   ” ↑It’s a Tv show that makes us itchy…. ” ” I think the firefighter will look more nice if he takes off his earring.   ” Who can enjoy this show? And what the purpose of the show? ” ↑ I think everyone watches this show more or less because they’re interested in if we can see romantic cheesy drama…..   ”     ” Because i love to slam this TV show together with guys, I’m gonna watch the show!! They repeated “We have no script” too much lol ”   ” Yahoo comments lol ” You guys comments are seen by them lol   ” I think most of Yahoo comments are bashing them…. ” I bet the reason why the girl didn’t see the comments is because there were tons of negative comments about her….. ” I think the model is jealous of Kitarie. Because this girl as a model who only has cheesy work for flyers  may feel inferiority complex against Kitarie…. ”   ” They’re completely copying American reality TV show… ” I almost cried as this is tooooo stylish ”

Miyazawa Sae

I’m gonna watch Riechan!
  ” Somehow Rie-chan looks like an angel among these members!! ” It’s hurting to imagine she went to handshake events from this house….. ”
Nakagawa Haruka

Terrace House started!!(^-^)/ Are you guys watching it, too? How will it go be today? I’m excited…. lol And I think you’re, too! lol
  ” I like the choice of the music of this show. ”     ” I baked sausage for the first time in my life. ” ↑ Ricchan:(´・ω・`)・・・ ” GAGA x Meat chopping scene…. ” ↑I know, but i think that kind of direction is acceptable as we can sense the world. But I would rather want them to play “Rocker room boy”… ” Momochan will reveal that story!?!? ” Will she reveal her past episode of promiscuity house!?!? ”     ” Stop it lol WHat the hell is she talking!! ” I can understand why he had such a perplexed face…. lol ” So why did you say it at this timing!?!? ” And the model didn’t join the conversation…. lol ” I want to hit this Momo girl! It’s so annoying to she massaging her face!! ” Basically I understand how different life Kitarie is living from other normal young people….. ” It turned out the only normal girl is Una-chan! I feel so sorry for her!!! ” ” Only Kitarie has been too busy and nothing has happened around her lol ” LOL No Riechan…. ” I don’t care what will happen to others! I just want to see Ricchan!! ”