Akimoto Yasushi suggests Kitahara Rie to join TV show where she lives with men and 2 more

  September 28, 2012
Akimoto Yasushi 9/28 23:21

To Kitahara Rie.

I recommended you to Fuji TV's new TV program “Terrace House” (Terraced house). Decide whether you'll join the show or not by yourself.

It's a Romance variety show where 3 men and 3 women live in a same house.

It's a sharehouse version of AINORI.

At first, they just asked to play a MC role for AKB members.

But we talked and figured that it's way too normal.

And we reached the idea that how about… say AKB member is among the 3 girls who live in the house?

It's never happened that idols in the modern days live in the same house with men, right?

(Of course your room are separated from men's)

But think about it. A girl from AKB48 where love is prohibited do that!

You live in the house and you go out to your work from there.

The theme behind this idea is “Which a modern days idol will choose, Romance or her job?”

I figured this is the role for Kitahara but for no one else.

Becasue it has to be someone who is earnest and diligent.

What do you think?

Will you do it?

You don't have to push yourself too much.

Take time and Have a talk with staffs at FujiTV.

Suzuki Shihori 9/28 23:24

Now I fugured out that this is what Rieko-san (Kitahara Rie) was talking about!!!


For the first time after a long time, Yasusu made it.

What the heck is Love-Ban-Rule!!

It virtually doesn't exist anymore LOL

It's so tough for Kitahara to choose an answer….

What a farce… She has no choice anyway, and will never have an actual romance anyway.

So this is a TV show which will be aired from 23:30 on Friday… Big chance for Kitarie!!!!

I don't mean any harm to her, but please…. just answer, “I would rather do a MC role…”




  1. Marty says:

    Yasusu, what’re you doing to Kitarie. Looking at it from a clear point of view, I would say this is a smart tactic to use, appropriate for the current situation in AKB, where people are doubting whether the love-ban rule still have any sort of significance especially with the recent scandals which are happening.

    If she passes the test, which I know she will, her fans will be proud and happy for her. It would also generate more hard-core fans for her which could help in boosting her falling popularity. But the main point of this is to generate trust among the fans for the 48-fandom through Kitarie’s success.

    Still, I hate how he’s using her like this. If he truly acknowledges her as someone who’s “earnest and diligent”, I feel then he should have let her join the 28th single’s senbatsu instead. LOL. This is so unfair to the girl. She could reject the role, but fall out of favor with Yasusu and dampen her idol career ahead because of it. This post just wants fans to believe that Kitarie seemingly has a choice to choose what to do when she has none.

  2. El Bicho Loco says:

    This Akimoto guy is clearly having in mind the intention of getting rid
    of the no boyo rule. With the “new AKB” he may be intending to leave
    behind the wota and distance AKB from it, maybe trying to rid AKB from
    the wota stigma or to “educate” wota into accepting them and finally not
    having to make a ONU reunion each time Bunshun releases a scandal.

    If that is his intention I would like to see who is going to support AKB
    to the very end, when no one else gives a dime about them because they
    aint cool anymore, who but the loyal wota is going to buy their stuff?

    • i also have the feeling of this sort of thing… e.g. Uza with guys backdancer

      • El Bicho Loco says:

        I don’t know how the audience is selected for KayouKyoku but if you look closely they are mainly women. I would like if anyone here knows if they choose who enters the show and who doesn’t. My bet is that they do because none of those chicks would win against a wota waiting in line to see their oshimen.

        I don’t know if you’ve noticed but there are times when at concerts the whole audience audio is left out of the recording. I think I have listened to that from some LOD but then maybe the audio was directly taken from the recording and not the venue.

        My guess is that Akimoto wants to marry both God and the Devil: to rid AKB from the wota image and keeping the wota to buy the CDs but if such is the intention it would eventually fail. Girls which are popular in AKB have said popularity because of two factors: fans or Akimoto’s finger (sometimes conditioned by general popularity in the media). I wonder how much would Akimoto be willing to support girls which are in a relationship and that don’t have the support of the wota. He may have faith that one day AKB will become enough huge as to stop relying in the wotas but that is foolish, I don’t see AKB growing anymore that what it already has and I don’t see AKB hitting that million mark per single without the wota.

        Picture this, the people who don’t care whether a girl has a relationship vote for those girls, the wota vote for girls that are not that popular. Seems like a win-win situation, but then those unknown girls become popular and they are exposed to the media and the circle never ends. But we don’t have to wait for girls to become popular to be on the spotlight now that Shukan Bunshun is hunting unknown (Chikano lol) girls in AKB so Shukan is the one pushing a finger on Akimoto’s eye and looking like Paladins of Justice & Truth for the paranoid wota and truth seeking wota. Then we wait until the wota gets tired of AKB, they leave, AKB doesn’t sell that well, they don’t appear in shows and then the Morning Musume effect strikes, to a lesser level of destruction though.

        But nah, I don’t think Akimoto would be stupid as to alienate the wota and yeah, maybe I am pissing on the wind with all this but goddammit this conjectures are damn entertaining. Akimoto just needs to realize that he needs to protect what he has with AKB and that the group won’t get much larger than what it already has. And no Akimoto, you will never enter the US with AKB. I swear he tried to pull a Gangnam Style with the Gingham Check video.

  3. Un says:

    Use sashiko then but oops! She not akb even though she appear in many akb perf after that scandal and movement announcing ;3

    Well then maybe Amina as Kitarie having a so damn pure image~
    But this might worth to watch then!
    Good Yasusu!!!

  4. Mario Medves says:

    “So this is a TV show which will be aired from 23:30 on Friday… ”
    Kitarie have to take this work, it’s a decent good slot for general audience.

  5. Sei says:

    Like Marty said, it does feel like he’s using her but at the same time this could be good for her popularity so…. yhea, I don’t know how I feel about this yet :S

  6. annonymous says:

    I see, so he’s trying to change the image of an idol. Though the true definition of an Idol can easily be attained through dictionary… Getting people to accept idol dating will pretty much remove the “idol” name and replace it with “entertainer” name. So once people starts to accept this, then he wouldn’t need to worry about Dating Scandals anymore. Everyone knows how easy it is to transfer a belief through movies, and t.v. shows, etc.

    • Mario Medves says:

      Not every idol group have the no-love rule. There are some small group w/o any specific rule and fans are more calm. In H!P/AKB family if only there is one photo with girl+guy lol it’s a war.
      There is also one group going more far: AKBN 0. It’s a copy of AKB but the concept it’s different. If you buy singles and join concert you can date members.

      • annonymous says:

        The secret success to an Idol success is the no dating rule. It would be
        nice if successful idols uphold that rule for their fans that helped
        supported them from the beginning to realize their dream. Because the
        fans wanted their idol dreams to come true. It’s harder to dislike
        someone when you already know them. So at the end you are left with the
        options of accepting, denying it if it was a scandal, and or just stop
        following. It’s also hard to really like someone when you already know they have someone. You can still like them, but more like an entertainer.

        Though I think AKBN 0 concept is quite interesting.
        Allowing every fan a possibility to date the member is also a very
        interesting idea as well. Though this type of dating isn’t secretly
        dating. Also all fans are allowed to date them. Even with this idea, I
        still think AKBN 0 will have a no dating rule, with the only
        exception with fans that had paid for the date. Even though AKBN 0 and
        the fans are dating for about 30 minutes. I am sure there are rules both
        idols and fans still have to follow.

        I think the idea can sell,
        but it only leads me think if they can still uphold this idea if AKBN 0
        reach the success level of AKB48.

        There are more things I could say, but this is probably all I can say about the idol belief system.

        • Mario Medves says:

          I agree.
          Well, AKBN 0 has hit Oricon chart not long time ago so maybe something is moving but it’s always hard to change what an idol is.
          We are going a little OT now lol.

  7. noodles says:

    kudos to akip. he has been breaking down outdated roles for japanese women since onyako club. Sure he uses sexuality and innuendo to gain the influence necessary for change, but he’s just using the weapons he has. He is taking big steps to empower the young women, including promoting takamina above TGSK.

    • El Bicho Loco says:

      Yeah using woman to empower woman is really empowering, don’t you see
      the contradiction? I bet Kitarie is this very moment feels the power of
      turning down this option or not.

      If he did not to endorse the objectification of woman he wouldn’t have
      gone with the AKB concept to begin with. You see it as empowering women,
      I see it as trying to vanish one and for all the only factor he cannot
      control and gives him a headache: when one of his aces goes and decides
      to have a relationship and it explodes in the media.

      I bet he would like to rest with a peace of mind every night by knowing
      that the next morning he would not have to deal with a scandal that
      would turn his plans upside down, like what happened with Sassy’s second
      single. Just image what would have happened to the UZA presentation
      without Yuko, the AKB presence in JKT without Harugon.

      But one thing is certain, he will take AKB to whatever place he desires
      to, but the wota won’t go all smiles over all this and he will need to
      find someone else to buy that sith-load of albums to support the