[TV Recap] Kitahara Rie – Terrace House テラスハウス 2nd Episode

  October 19, 2012

” This model girl….. wearing sunglasses and using headphone indoor…. ” A little while ago, I saw Kitarie with the firefighter, Model and Surfer at a shopping mall. It’s impossible to see it not as a date of the two couple…. ” Actually I’ve gradually understood this model girl is interesting. ” ” Why they can film the interview lol ” What a farce!!! ” So this girl dropped out of the university and 2 years later, started working as a model… ” Woooow hair salon in Aoyama!?!? How can she afford money to enjoy such a luxurious life? ” ” LOL ” ” Don’t get stumped for words! Obviously you haven’t read the magazine lol ” She sounds soooo dumb…. ” ” I’ve started to feel sorry for her…. ” She is more like a self-claimed model….. ” I don’ t think Kojima-san can answer any of these questions ” ↑In Nyan’s case, she doesn’t have to pass the audition as it’s publishers that offer her to work for them. ” ↑x2 If she naturally behaves, they will understand her unique character. ” ” Awwwwwww!!! Damn, baldie!!! ” Kitarie is so defenseless!!! ” Actually this guy is just a Hentai!! ”     ” Don’t indirectly ask him to go out for dinner!!! ” Don’t call her Ricchan !!! ” Don’t disturb Ricchan’s sleeping time! It’s actually a precious time!!! ”     ” Gyaaa!! Will they ride on Shinkansen together!?!? ” HOw many handshake tickets he used for this!!!!! ”                     ” …… Even in Terrace House…. Kitarie doesn’t get much of screen time… no…. she was almost non existence….. ”