Sashihara Rino sends an encouraging message to her peer Chihou Gumi member, Kitahara Rie

  October 1, 2012


Fans reactions are not all positive but some are pointing out that for the 2nd chapter of AKB48, or after Sashihara Rino's scandal, AKimoto Yasushi is intentionally incorporating “Men” and “Pushing the Love-Ban-Law Boundary” factors.

I kinda feel he is deliberately getting girls involved with men, in order to make an impression that this is a process that AKB48 girls have been growing into adults.

It's not coincidental. Let's run through the history.

Sashiko Scandal

In the MV of Gingham Check, boys who are in the same generation of AKB48 girls (which never happened before) start appearing. Besides, they are couples with top members of AKB48 in the story setting of the MV.

Yukirin kissed a man in the MV

Maeda Atsuko + Oshima Yuko's scandal

Sato Amina and Chikano Rina's scandal

Kitarie to join the TV show where she lives with men

Oomika Toshiyuki (Director at Ariyoshi Kyowakoku) 6:27pm 9/30


Oomika Toshiyuki 6:34pm

I'm not a person concerned with AKB48,

and I'm just a Salaryman director.

So here I only state my personal opinion, but….

It's like “Uhmmmmm”

I can't keep up with their ideas…

Takeda Ryouta 9:59pm

If TV staffs want to have them love relationship,

the point is how to get them physically close to each other,

how to get them have skinships.

And it's important to have several men and women who have a crush on people of the opposite sex easily.

Plus, those who disrupt the peaceful state,

Those who try to hear honest feelings of others.

Yes, those are the tricks made by TV staffs.

I can let my imagination run because I've directed TV programs where TV personalities to have romance.

So, in the end, what this cohabitation without any of tricks will bring?

Love relationship? Hatred? Friendship?

Let's keep our eyes on the show in many ways!


Sashihra Rino 9:37 10/1

Good morning!!

Anyways, you can't tell what it brings before you actually do it!!!

Word of wisdom: Do whatever you are given a chance to give it a try!

Sashihra Rino 10/1 9:40

No, I'm not talking about me.

Sashihara Rino 10/1 9:44

It's great that we have fans who with a smile on their faces say they're looking forward everything what we do!! I believe this relieve members the most!

Murashige Anna 10/1 9:44



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