AKB members got hurt by harsh words from female Morning Musume fan and one more!

  September 29, 2012

Seven Eleven's Christmas goods catalog has AR marker beside each item. When you pass your smartphone over the marker, AKB48 member, who is preparing for Christmas pop out in the screen and start talking about the good. (Need to download the campaign app to read the marker)

You can also take a 2shot photo with 10 AKB members at catalog rack at Seven Eleven stores. Each of 10 members has 2 different poses, thus you can take total 20 different 2 shots.


Iwasa Misaki 9/30 0:35

Our Looks are awful…..^д^
Iwasa Misaki 9/30 0:36

I'm so sorry for living….

It's so huring, I gotta stop watching this show…

Matsui Sakiko 9/30 0:53

I was also watching itヽ(;▽;)ノ

Tough! But I'm gonna live!!!

Fujie Reina 9/30 0:58

I was watching the show where AKB fans and Morning Musume fans discuss over their favorite groups…..

What hurt my heart the most today was, yeah, what you can clearly see in the photo below!!!

If you look at members one by one, you'll find everyone is cute(・Д・)ノ Oi!!!

Morning Musume fangirl: “Visual-wise, AKB members who rank at or below middle are awful.”

Fujie Reina 9/30 0:59

Members are watching and listening to your remark!! LOL

Fujie Reina 9/30 1:00

The person who made this remark is not this man in the photo but a female Morning Musume fan. It hurts more when it was spoken from girls…

Fujie Reina 01/01/1990 00:00

Hahaha I'm gonna squash them some day~~~~ (by becoming big)
Fujie Reina 9/30 1:31

Anta Dare's producer save AKB's middle class members LOL


Was The girl who made this remark cute?

No, she was not cute, and that's probably why they shocked even more….

Oh Fujie doesn't need to care this sillything!

Visual–wise, She is actually in top 5.


Iwasa Misaki 9/30 0:49

This reminded me of days when I was full of tears at the work with Watariroka Hashiritai members coz I found that I was the only person who is ugly, too ugly….


Fujie's cousin is a member of Berryz Kobo, Natsuyagi Miyabi.

Actually she is the only person who can openly dis Hello Project.

Iriyama Anna: “Oh no, she must be talking about me….. I want to exchange my face with somebody else…

Matsumura Kaori: “Haha, she is talking about Iriyama.”




  1. asudja says:

    A: XXXXX is a middle class AKB member (change X with any member not ranked in the sosenkyou, e.g matsubara natsumi, iriyama anna, iwata karen, kawaei rina, SKE’s kaneko shiori, NMB’s yoshida akari, kishino rika, kondo rina, etc)
    B: she is super pretty..

    sorry momusu fan girl, your argument is invalid!!

  2. 涼介 高橋 says:

    Dear Morning Musume Fans, I don’t know who you are. but If you made another remarks that hurt the AKB girls’ feelings, I will find you and I will kill you. *in Liam Neeson’s voice*

    Please get a life… Idols are made based on their talents and hardwork.. not their looks.. beside none of the girls are ugly.. forgodsake.. Look at yourselves in the mirror. you have the face of those who sittin’ around and do nothing for your whole life except drinking booze. so DONT YOU DARE TO INSULT THE GIRLS WHO PUT THEIR LIVES ON THE LINE TO ACHIEVE THEIR DREAM BY CALLING THEM UGLY AND HURT THEIR FEELINGS!!!!!!

  3. foodlfg says:

    Who cares what the hardcore fans say about AKB or Momusu, when all of us know that the best idol group in Japan is Momoiro Clover (:

    • random says:

      LoL you’ve come to the wrong place..

    • nemousu says:

      yeah, you’re right, the best idol group in Japan is SKE 🙂

    • 涼介 高橋 says:

      Sir just wondering who is Momoiro Clover? O.O XD

    • Peechan says:

      No, No, No!! The best idol group is MOB48. Don’t miss this group. They are the real best!!

    • Anonmember says:

      What heresy is this? We all know that Perfume is the best group. Oh wait, they aren’t idols to begin with lol. XD

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      Can’t get into them. They look interesting but their songs are horrible..at least to me.:/ too bad because I did tried since they look fun but even GC is more listenable than Momoclo songs…:/

      Anyway it’s mine SUBJECTIVE opinion just like your by saying Momoclo is the best 😉

  4. Anonymomusu says:

    涼介 高橋 Please do not claim that all MM fans say bad things about them.

    • El Bicho Loco says:

      Yeah, don’t generalize cuz I ain’t gonna stand right here an’ take ’em
      jabs like they ain’t doin’ s.h it. I’m a bust a cap in yo ass biatch.
      Y’know what I’m sayin’?

    • Fuck Mo-Busu says:

      LOL, go to morningcoffee and take a look at what these delusional scumbag pedos love to say before they get back to drooling at S/mileage’s legs or Erina Ikuta’s panchira.
      The sooner you realize this is what the Japanese Harowotas are like, the sooner you’ll distance yourself from them instead of defending these “people”.

      Anyway, let me take another look at Morning Musume’s stunning beauty.
      I wonder how much alcohol her mother had to drink to give her that Fetal Alcohol Syndrome face. Maybe it’s the reason she’s also so slow in the head.

      • El Bicho Loco says:

        Hey mongoloid the chick who said that the girls in AKB are ugly is as mentally impaired as you are. You bash Kudo, a girl who hasn’t done a single thing to you just to piss MM fans off, that shows that the world can well make do without your existence. You are no better than the chick from the video.

        • Fuck Mo-Busu says:

          No urge to piss those ‘tards off, I’d rather have nothing to do with such lowlives. Just wanting to show the sort of hilariously double standards some of them must have to utter anything like that.
          By the way, here’s another gut-wrenchingly ugly shit that some Harowotas might consider “gorgeous” if seen through their warped and myopic spectacles. Pot, kettle, black, you know how the saying goes… All the more proof that people like these should be deprived of their right to talk unless they’re accompanied by a psychiatrist.

          • LC says:

            you are not being fair…even if you don’t like the fans, why insult sweet girls who are just trying to achieve their dreams? both girls you showed bad pictures of are very beautiful and try very hard. they don’t deserve to be insulted, anymore than anyone from OOO48. all of these girls are beautiful and try hard and we should respect that, i think. i’m not saying you should support them if you aren’t interested, i’m not saying you should like what i like, but i don’t think being mean is the answer.

            anyway, yukirin, kojiharu, sassy…these are all huge hellopro fans. sayu, fukuda kanon…these are hellopro girls who also love akb48. there’s no anger between the girls, why should we have anger between the fans? i wish we could all just peacefully love who we want to without insulting the girls who we do not love.

          • asdfasdf says:

            why do you even know about these new girls? get a life, go out meet new people and grow up, you need a break from the internet. Especially AKB

      • Mr Waffle says:

        That girl is pretty, what the hell is wrong with you? Just because you’re not a fan doesn’t mean you have to act like an ass. I’m ashamed we’re in the same fandom.

      • asdfasdf says:

        What exactly do you expect a 11 year old girl to look like?

    • 涼介 高橋 says:

      Dear Anon-san, My apology if I implied that… I didn’t mean all MM fans.. the message was intended to the female that insult AKB members. 🙂 so my apology for u and the rest of MM fans who don’t do such a low class act like her. 😀

  5. Gipsy Ng says:

    I hate it when people bash other groups just to make their group look better.
    People don’t respect others opinions.
    This is exactly how fan wars start…

    • Anonymous says:

      Only Morning Musume fans do this and the reason is quite simple to figure out: they’re terribly insecure about their group being a bunch of non-entities. When you see some ugly rumor about AKB on the Internet, it’s always safe to assume it was started by Japanese H!P fans trying to damage their standing. 99 times out of 100, these assumptions always turn out to be right.
      Besides, you’ll never see AKB fans looking down on other idol groups like that unless provoked, they simply have better things to do with their time than trolling these poor sacks.

      • Takamina<3 says:

        Hate to burst your bubble but AKB fans do it as well, even when they arn’t provoked. They call H!P and Morning Musume outdated and also insult the members looks AND talent.
        Not trying to start a fight but honestly no fanbase is perfect.

        • Janet S. says:

          Thank you for this response, I don’t get how people say only H!P fans did this when I have witnessed many AKB fans doing the same thing. No fanbase is free from those dimwits that think bashing the other acts will make their biases seem better when it’s not.

        • Anonymous says:

          There’s a big difference between stating facts while keeping them to yourself (face it, none of the girls in Morning Musume would be employable by anyone with half a brain since they lack anything outstanding, if you gamble your money on them you might as well start throwing dollar rolls into a fire) and an entire fanbase getting in someone’s face THEN complaining about their comfort zone being breached somehow.
          H!P fans continue to make themselves look resentful, malignant and immature with their every actions and, what’s more ridiculous about their behaviour, after all these years they have yet to come up with a decent excuse for their gratuitous assaults against others.
          My only guess is that they simply can’t cope with the idea that the general public might have a new idol group to love and it’s not one of theirs. They’re somehow convinced that this by acting this way they’ll bring people back to their fold,
          Unfortunately for them, however, they lack any actual complains proving they did at least build up some familiarity with the subject before waging their negative campaign, and all they can resort on is the same kind of shallow, noncommittal insult as exemplified by Miss. Harowota Bitch, once again proving that there’s more autistic rage in their bodies than brains.
          It’s kind of ironic how she chose that one out of all possible burns, really. Because if you had to apply the same arbitrary standards of hers to Morning Musume, none of the members past or present would come even one mile close to making the cut. And next to looks, what is left to write home about current Morning Musume? Certainly not their music or their personality.

          • Furuyanagi says:

            This wasn’t an entire fanbase, this was one chick. There’s no “they” or “we” in an individual.

            You are a perfect example of the “we vs them” attitude of these fanwars. Most of us don’t give a damned shit about the vocal few and move on with our lives, but your claims about how an entire fandom is like a hivemind of animosity towards your favorite group pretty much pulls you down to the level of “Miss. Harowota Bitch.”

            Her comment was uncalled for, and I disagree with it because I, personally, find Undergirls to be way prettier than senbatsu.
            But read into the purpose of the show they were on. There were probably more comments, both negative and positive from both sides, without reading up on the full source material, don’t talk about building up familiarity with the subject – that itself makes your so-called arguments rather shallow.

            If you’ve never heard AKB fans pull nasty comments on H!P members, try checking 2ch. Or maybe some random jpop forums here and there.

            It’s not as commonplace as H!P stans crying about other groups, but assholes exist everywhere.

          • Ugh says:

            I’ll have to agree that not every H!P fan is a rude, disgusting maniac who can’t get over the fact that AKB is more popular than every group inside of H!P now– nothing is 100%– but from what I’ve seen, and what I believe Mr. Anonymous has seen as well, they do exist. Probably quite a few of them, as every H!P big fan I’ve ever seen has said shallow, bitter things about AKB, but I have yet to see an AKB fan say anything about H!P– though, of course, there are probably those out there.

            Furthermore we can’t really argue about how pretty any idol is because it’s all a matter of opinion in the end. I actually think all of the girls in AKB and H!P are at least easy on the eyes, but in my opinion most of the H!P girls have very bland faces. I personally would not say that H!P girls are prettier than AKB girls. But in the end this can’t be argued, so we’ll have to use facts.

            No matter what anyone’s opinion is on the two groups, H!P has considerably less sales than AKB48– or any of the 48 groups, for that matter–, less media exposure, and consequently less people even in Japan alone looking at them and marveling at their beauty. Looks aside, no matter how much one defends H!P, one cannot deny the fact that Morning Musume’s latest single had 88,977 copies sold, while AKB’s latest single had 1,150,980 copies sold. Subtracting that, that’s an over 1,060,000 amount difference. I believe Anonymous was simply trying to make the point that he believes H!P fans are quite insecure about this fact, and it goes to show that even if they are, AKB is all in all more successful than the entirety of H!P, so their arguments are completely pointless.

            That aside, that woman on that show angers me for making AKB members feel bad about themselves. Honestly, even if you don’t think they’re pretty, you don’t need to add even more stress to their already stressful lives by bringing them down like that. And really, you can’t say they’re ugly if you yourself are not what most would call “attractive”, jeez.

  6. Fuck Mo-Busu says:

    Dumb Harowotas sure have a lot of nerve to call othe girls ugly when they have to content themselves with the prepubescent mingers that are currently in Morning Musume.
    Pretty much all the girl currently in Morning Musume look goddamn miserable to the point of inspiring nothing but genuine pity, half of them have the look of someone who got just picked off the street and have no idea of what they’re doing in the group and why, which inevitably goes to reflect on the “quality” of their performances.
    If we had to go by looks alone, none among the 9th and 10th generation members they’re filling the group with would even be worth looking at. Some of them (especially that Kanon Suzuki girl, ugh) even have the admirable power of making me feel physically sick in the stomach just by looking at their disagreeable mugs. Which is an awesome ability indeed, until you realize that Morning Musume’s entire appeal now relies on relies on pity and empathy for being a fucking failure at everything.
    But it’s not only in looks and performance that Morning Musume are below any conceivable standards. In terms of charm and personality (or their lack thereof, I should say), they also have the stage presence of a sack of diseased potatoes. If by sheer dumb look they manage to land a TV appearance, it’s always a hard task for the hosts to pry more than a couple of words out of them or make them do anything remotely interesting because according to the Hello Project methods of indoctrination, they should be nothing more than non-sentient trophies to put on exhibit every so often.
    No surprise nobody even remembers their individual names anymore. How long till the name of Morning Musume will fade into oblivion as well?

  7. Mario Medves says:

    AKB vs H!P was a war finish long time ago, there is no need to restart again.
    Hardcore wotas are stupid cause have a limitate range of view things -> my group XXX is the best, others are shit.
    Thank you TV-Tokyo.

  8. annonymous says:

    Appearance is opinion based anyways. An Idols image reflects their fans, and their fans image reflects their idols. So fans do play an important role for keeping a good image of their idols.

  9. great more fire to the fan war….
    This comment not only make that girl look bad but the entire momosu fanbase
    Thanks alot overlyobsessed idiot
    from a AKB48 AND Hello! Project fan who loves both groups very much

  10. tonarinobanana says:

    OMG NOOOO wasamin youre pretty 🙁

  11. Peechan says:

    I’m both Morning Musume and AKB48 fan. All of them are cute. I see no point to hurt them by stupid word. They born to be love.

  12. LC says:

    that sucks! i love both hellopro and akb, it is so stupid to make this into a war. can’t we value all these beautiful, shining girls happily and peacefully? there’s no need to say such a cruel and untrue thing.

  13. Anonmember says:

    I can only laugh at the comments here who thinks the fans that got interviewed in the show are the only ones to blame while the producer of the show gets away with it. Clearly the show itself is the main culprit. It’s a debate, on a subjective matter at that with no objective argument to make, so do you really expect these people to come to terms? And those posters here bashing other groups doesn’t make them any better either and at the same level as that female MM fan lol.

  14. Janet S. says:

    I assume both sides (AKB48 fans and Momusu fans) have made hurtful statements but since this is an AKB site that’s why they only focused on the hurtful words said by the Momusu fans. Anyway I don’t know why they need to keep doing this ‘war’ when in fact these two groups will probably never be forgotten since they were/are two of the most successful girl groups so far and have created many marks.

  15. Masakohasegawa says:

    I’m a H!P and akb fan too! But this guys comments are so harsh! In the first place you can’t judge the book by it’s cover and I’ve to say Wasamin is still way much prettier then I’m. I’d admit that. Image doesn’t matter anymore but hardwork proves much more.

  16. lincolnz777 says:

    nah…. chill guys, most wotas you met are douchebag….

  17. moofuq says:

    To judge people by their looks is the worst.

  18. I honestly don’t think this current version of MM is anything to rave about. When you put those girls next to AKB, the latter wins in the looks department. Unfortunately this was not always the case – I think when AKB first started MM was much better.

    I feel like MM fans cling to their group because of hope. They can hope that the next gen will be the best thing, they can hope she can sing moderately well, and I think it’s a little sad. MM used to be really good until Tsunku became uninspired.

    AKB isn’t perfect either and some of the girls are just “normal”, but come on. MM had Aika. She had fans. Just because a girl isn’t pretty doesn’t mean that they are no good.

    I used to love H!P, with MM being -my- favorite group for 10 years. I have seen this kind of a post about AKB vs H!P 1000 times. :/

  19. well argument about physically are surely impolite…its not something you can choose when you are born though

  20. Gerry C says:

    Well to be quite honest i think a lot of the female girls from akb & ske & nmb & jkt & so on are very pretty looking,& even i would snap them all up….But anyway to be fair with all idol pop type groups,that competition has became very strong when it comes to big business,means more money & power….But is it worth holding on to the crown of thorns?….Fuck that.It’s better to remain sort of inbtween…..Remember when you reach king,a million others will knock you off your place for it.Look through history & learn from the mistakes of the past ..of all greats you can think of from the days of 6000bc to now….As with girls bitchin’ does happen a lot….even in the uk & most other couns you can think of ….

  21. Gerry C says:

    As with morning momusu they are quite good also music wise too….& yet with a lot of you idol type groups,yous do put in the work & energy & when yous get out there & give it your best that yous can is all one can do…In the end yous are the winners