One Night After The Surprise: HKT members and TGSK’s Encouraging Words to Sashihara (Updated: Sashiko’s last stage for team A will be in mid-July)

  June 17, 2012

TGSK’s farewell message to Sashiko

AKB Official Blog (written by TGSK)

Regarding the matter on Sashihara

Among enquiries I received from fans in regards to Sashihara’s hereafter, I have an announcement for our fans today.

In regards to the “Mokugekisha” (Witness) Stage scheduled on the 20th of June. Because the schedule of this Stage was decided prior to yesterday’s announcement regarding her transfer. As per the prior announcement, Sashihara will appear in the “Mokugekisha” concert of that day.

Among having fans from distant places already having applied for tickets, I have received a great number of inquiries. Also, I am terribly sorry for making you all worry.

Also, for AKB48 Sashihara Rino, this will be her last theatre concert for Team A prior to moving to HKT48.
I first thought of her to be a no good girl.

On the first day of her lessons 4 and half years ago, she has did things such as all of a sudden injuring her lower back then crying big tears, and when she was a Kenkyuusei, even from just appearing on stage as Itano’s substitute, she hyperventilated due to being overly nervous in the dressing room.

She was a really troublesome girl.

She was the kind of girl who did things with utmost effort which makes me wanted to take care of her.

Before I knew it she became all famous, but even so, at the theatre concerts she hasn’t changed one bit since 4 and a half years ago.

She would always talked to the members who were being timid and didn’t appear in front.

Even though she was made fun of by being called “Hetare”, without hurting anyone, she enlivened the stage.

She was really kind with her MC.

In regards to what happened this time, I honestly, was also surprised. It would be a lie if I said that it wasn’t a sad thing.

However, because we’re talking about the hard working girl, even though she’s going to HKT, I’m sure she’ll grow bigger in HKT.

The 20th of June will be Sashihara’s last concert with AKB48’s Team A.

It will be her final “Enjo Rosen”. (Blazing Route)

To Sashihara, whom was always saying that she had no confidence, please let me say this (after her final stage for team A), “There were such a great amount of people that wanted to see your last stage.”

Please allow me to say “You were great.”

On that day, the opening time will change to 18:30. I am considering that the length of the topics to be slightly longer than the normal concerts.

I am eagerly looking forward to everyone’s applications (for the Stage).

Please see Sashihara Rino off together with me.

I would be so grateful if you could all congratulate this starting anew process.


We announced that Sashihara’s last Team A theatre concert would be on the 20th, but the date of her last concert won’t be the 20th. It has been extended to mid-July.

The reason is because we think it would be difficult to hold both Matsubara’s Seitansai and Sashihara’s last stage by just starting the stage 30 minutes earlier from 19:00 to 18:30.

We will announce the official schedule after we adjust the schedule so that Sashihara can join HKT without unnecessary worry.

We are sincerely sorry for causing you trouble.

So, 20th June is Matsubara Natsumi’s Seitansai (Birthday Celebration Festival)!!
Please send her warm congratulation.

One night after The Surprise Announcement – HKT Members Message to Fans and Sashiko

Moriyasu Madoka 2012-06-16 21:41:21

I had a meeting today!!!!

We’ll unite our powers for the good of HKT48

It’s better to have 22 members than 21♪+*゜

The more members, the more powerful we can be, I think (●´ω`●)❤+゜

So please keep supporting us ✧+゜

Anai Chihiro 2012-06-16 21:55:41

Good evening!!

I’ve read your comments.

We gotta hang in and move forward. That’s what we must focus on now.

We should consider anything as a chance!

I am willing to absorb a lot from Sashihara-san!!!

I’ll strive!!

  Miyawaki Sakura 2012-06-16 21:32:08

Good evening everyone, I’m Miywaki Sakura*

Regarding to the announcement of Sashihara-san’s transfer to HKT48,

I think there’re different views, thoughts and opinions.

But…. nothing has yet to be decided.

When I first heard it, I was surprised, like I was “….What….. Whaaat??!?!?”

I even thought I was dreaming.

Last morning, I met members and we were full of the discussion on her transfer.

“What does this mean exactly?”

“What will happen when Sashihara-san joins us???”

Everyone was confused and getting preoccupied with worry…

But…. like her MC, we will be able to get various stimulus from her .

Honestly I had a feeling that HKT these days has been stuck in a rut….

So with Sashihara-san to join us, both Sashihara-san and us can inspire each other on various kind of thing and grow together.

We will spoil this great opportunity if we start with denial when it hasn’t even started yet…..

Honestly my mind also can’t catch up with what7s going on.

But I think Sashihara-san is feeling uneasy more than anyone else,.

We are 21 people, but Sashihara-san is alone.

When I had work for the Next Girls, Sashihara-san spoke to me very open heartedly that day.

It was my first time, I was the only person from my group.

Then Sashihara-san kindly said to me, “Sakura-chan, let’s have a talk!”. I received fruit from her. Her kindness really made me happy.

Which is why next time, I want to warmly welcome Sashihara-san.

And then I want to enliven up HKT48 together with her.

I saw Akimoto-sensei’s comment on Google+.

We will positively strive forward so that we can be the strongest group among all 48 groups.

So…. tomorrow, I will join Akusyukai!!
Because I can talk with many people, I’m looking forward to it so much\(^^)/

So…. let me do my best tomorrow!

Sakura Sake(συσ)/*★.。 (Sakura Sake: Bloom Sakura!!, 咲く:Bloom, Her name:咲良 )

2012-06-16 22:04:57

Everyone, thank you for warm comments.

Please warmly and closely watch HKT48‘s growth. Please.

Sakura, Bloom for HKT48 (συσ)/*★.。

 Sugamoto Yuko 2012-06-16 20:28:54

Everyone who’ve supported HKT48!!

Many left comments which say “Please keep remaining to be current HKT48.” But honestly I think it’s not possible. There’ll definitely be some changes to come.

But I also think that I don’t want to collapse what we, 1gen members have created together with fans.

But the thing is…. I am hoping that those changes will be good changes that influence HKT in a good way.(^-^) And I think it all up to how hard we strive forward!

I will learn a lot from Sashihara-san!! So…. my fellow members!! It’s actually a chance to grow more!!

I understand that there’re people who hold different opinions….. but it’s a done deal, we can’t reverse it. So I would like to take a positive attitude on this one!!

So please keep supporting HKT48!! I love you everyone!!!!  

Translated by Tommy and Wingom