Now It’s time to reminisce Transfer of Nishishi

  June 17, 2012

Nakanishi Yuuka, born on Jan 24 1989 inAichi prefecture.
In May 2007, she passed the AKB48 audition for 4gen members.
On 23th August 2008, she announced her transfer to newly created group SKE48 at Hibiya open air music hall, Tokyo.

So she doesn’t speak unnecessary things…. as we know… she is such a handsome girl….

I heard her name on the radio…..AkiP cried for her…. (June 15 2012 broadcast of ANN)

It was so nice to see Kitahara’s surprised look when Nishishi’s name was called….

Nakanishi’s transfer did good for SKE,
But how it will be like for HKT…….
Looking back now, we can say like that, but back then, not everyone agreed with her transfer.
Today’s (16th) Nishishi’s comment on Sashiihara’s transfer is very Nishishi.
She is such a kind girl…
I hope she will be selected for 10th single’s Senbatsu.
I want to see her on TV and magazines….

Nakanishi Yuka 1:58PM (Chihou-gumi)

I was so surprised with the announcement.

As I also experienced the transfer, I think I can be of any help for her, so, though it may not be a big support, I will support you as much as possible.

When I transferred, you guys told me, “Even though we will be distant from each other, we are and will be always Chihou-gumi”, and I couldn’t be happy more with this warm word.

So…. yeah, no matter how things change, no matter where we will be, Chihou-gumi continues to be Chihou-gumi!!

But this transfer was a request from herself rather than a demotion, wasn’t it?

They haven’t yet made it clear what’s the reason behind her transfer.
Anyway we heard that she didn’t consult Chihou-gumi members in advance…..

Nishinaka-san’s case is “transfer”, but Sashihara’s case is obviously “demotion”

I never heard members speak ill of Nakanishi.

Yeah, I think she is very popular among members.
I know one middle-aged woman Ota who cheers for her in a lout voice at SKE theater.
Though I’m not sure, I remember the reason was because joining SKE makes it easier for her to concentrate on school work…..
But it might be because she thought she wound’t have a bright future in AKB48…..

Actually she was hesitate to leave AKB48 lol
Because think about it, she was supposed to become AKB48‘s 4gen member.

Our basic understanding is “Xgen is Xgen even thought she couldn’t get promoted to a regular member.”
Though if you mean she was unsure if she could become a regular member of AKB48, then I was also not sure if she could make it.

If Cindy moved to SKE, then Nakanishi wouldn’t leave to SKE?
So Cindy is also from Aichi prefecture?

She has nothing to do with Aichi.
It was like – It went to on the verge of transfer after when AkiP asked her, “You will move to SKE?”, she jokingly answered “Ok”. 
After all, I am so grateful to her for having come to SKE.

In these 2 weeks, I kinda feel proud of being Nishishi-Oshi…
Nishishi is a pillar of SKE.
I think this girl have an enough ability to become a manager (of idols) after her retirement as an idol.

I don’t understand why she has gained such popularity…
Her face looks like a man…
It’s hard to understand why those who can’t see whole personality of a member but her face are following 48 groups….

Anyway, as a consequence, now we see her transfer good, but back then, it was not said like that.
So we can’t say whether Sashihara would follow the same path as Nishishi or not.
Timing, popularity and the reason for the transfer… many factors make it so different for us to compare her and Sashihara.

Anyway, though it’s an afterthought, her transfer was absolutely a right choice both for herself and SKE.

She is often said to be the hidden hero of SKE, and I was so moved this girl could make it in the election…..
She quips sharply but in a way that never hurts others. When she wrote the episode of members on her blog (in a teasing way), it doesn’t look harsh at all.
Maybe she is too tender to people, but I love her as she is 
It can’t be helped…. thing about it, even her name has “tenderness” in it.
中西優香 Nakanishi Yuka
優しい Yasasii = tender, soft, sweet, kind
Nishishi accompanied Jurina to look after her for her 2nd team K’s Stage.

Nakatsuka Tomomi on her blog
So today we had Stage~
It was a second Stage for Jurina-chan as team K member~.⊂((・x・))⊃
So….. guess who is today’s guest?
Nishina…. oh I said it wrong…
Nakanishi Yuka-chan\(^o^)/
She brought us souvenir!!! Nagoya’s specialty Uirou!!
She has come to watch the stage! She didn’t join the stage, by the way!

If it were not without Nishishi, Jurina would have left SKE…(or even left 48 groups)

She looks very boyish, but beneath the surface, she is not that cool but rather, she is very girly. And I love this this contrast.
I’m not particularly SKE-Oshi, but I really want Nakanishi and Sister Mieko (Sato Mieko) to be happy.

So age-wise, she is a peer of members like Yuko, Sayaka, Kojiharu and Umechan….

By the way, the fact she could make it in this election means her swimsuits gravure will be featured in magazines, doens’t it?
I somehow can’t imagine how it will be like ><