Satou Amina will lead the creation of new Menus for AKB48 cafe&shop

  May 1, 2012
Satou Amina will lead the creation of new Menus for AKB48 cafe&shop

On 25th Apr, Amina Satoh held her first solo event at AKB48 cafe & shop in Akihabara, Tokyo.

Started from AKiP’s comment “Provide opportunity to appeal members’ personalities to fans”, AKB48 cafe has held a solo event of AKB members regularly. For full quota of 50, about 700 to 1,500 applications are sent everytime.

Amina’s event is held a part of a project she is engaged in called “Move Adults ~ AKB48 cafe & shop produce vol 1”, which she think innovative ideas to renovate existing cafes & shops in Harajuku and Akihabara areas together with audience.

Amina, who is a vice captain of literary club stated her determination, said “This is my first work as a vice captain!”, heading for the venue where 50 fans are waiting for her.

As a result she could harvest ideas from fans such as offering Hiyashi-Chuka for coming summer season, to which she added “It’s nice to let AKB Cooking Club to engage in this limited-time menu!”. She also declared her club to collaborate with Cooking club and Fine Arts club to design shop’s original desserts.

60-minutes-long event finished so soon that she jokingly said ‘Honestly It’s too short and I wich I could continue this event over alcohol til night.’ Though her solo event was successful, in backroom after finished the event, she revealed that it was tougher than it looked.

She said “It was hard. It’s difficult (to fully communicate with all 50 fans alone by herself). I tried looking at fans’ eyes and talk to fans who weren’t talkative today. Fortunately all of fans were considerate people, so things went on smoothly.” She’s already thinking of the next event, said “I’ll hold 2nd session of this event, and I will try to show at least one idea we got today has materialized.”

Solo event at AKB48 cafe & shop in Akihabara has so far held by Sakiko Matsui, Suzuran Yamauchi and Asuka Kuramochi, and it’s scheduled Reina Fujie will hold hers themed on fashion on 6th May.

Source: Sponichi