After all, we won't be able to see Mayuyu as Ace of AKB48… and one more!

  September 25, 2012

After all, she is categorized a part of the old generation from fans…

You know what? It's impossible to see someone not from Ohta Production that Yasusu and AKB48 owe a lot to will be Center of AKB48….
I'm sure, Jurina will be a part of Ohta production in the near future…

How poorly they treat 2nd and 3rd members…..
So Watanabe and Kashiwagi who have forged their career together with Ota will lose to Shimazaki and management, and ultimately leave AKB48…..??

Because she wants to be Seiyu and an actress, I think she's approaching her goal just fine.
Sure, she wanted to be Center, but I think if she wants to make the most of her unique personality, she'd better to improve herself by experiencing more professional work.
I think it's better for her to be Next Generation's Mizuki Nana rather than being Next Generation's Ace of AKB48…

Looking at Maeda, it's so clear that Center position of AKB48 is not all about good things. People will have certain fixed image and more relate her to AKB48.

I've never heard she wants to be Seiyu LOL
She made it clear that it's not that she wants to be i in the interview for 0048.

I think she has already been doing fine job as solo in some TV shows, so it would be good for her to graduate AKB48 soon.
Especially because now that AKB48 has become a kind of farce…

The thing is, because of Maeda Atsuko's scandal, she can no longer say “Oshiri~~~~!”, and that has rendered the huge damage to her…

↑Even Oshima did Oshiri yesterday.
I think they don't care anything about the scandal LOL

Anyway, just wait to see if they choose Mayuyu for Center.
If she won't be picked for Center until the next election?
I may vomit blood for the election….orz

Mayuyu is kinda like Yuko. Yasusu may not give her a special treatment, because she is an idol that forges her path with her talent and efforts, plus supports from fans.

Sure, Jurina is the next center that Yasusu has in his mind.
And I'm secretly expecting that Okada Nana (14gen) will be Center and Jurina as her rival.

Anyway, this system called AKB means if you're not from Ohta production or Burning agency, you'll never be Center.

I was expecting Mayuyu, Kashiwagi and Itano version's Cupnoodle commercial last long, but it will soon be taken over by Miyazawa, Itano, Jurina and Kawaei version….Anyway, because Jurina secured her position as Yasusu's Oshi, possibly the other Center will not be Mayuyu but Kawaei?

Summer has been the season for Mayuyu.
If she won't be selected for Center until the next Sousenkyo single, that means she isn't considered as the next generation.
But it doesn't change the fact she is one of current Ace.

Solo, Sub Unit, Seiyu, Drama, Star Role for Majisuka, I think she's gotten enough of promotions from management and her agency. The

only thing she hasn't yet won is the 1st spot in Sousenkyo.

It's no brainer that Ogi production wants her to leave AKB48 and focus on solo work. Because it will make more money.
Mayuyu herself hasn't made it clear that she wants to be fixed Center.
But because she said for many times that she wants to be No.1, I want her to win the election so badly…
She has been diligently working hard as an idol, and I want to see her rewarded.
But Yuko is a too strong opponent….




Both of them don't have any solo commercials….

Oshima – 1
Watanabe – 0
Kashiwagi – 0
Sashihara – 1
Mariko – 4
Kojima – 3
Itano – 3

I think they will make another version for Mayuyu and Yukirin?

I think so too.
Fair skin fox Yukirin and Mayuyu wil star for the commercial of Wonda White Cafe au lait.
You know, they did the similar thing before. I mean Maeda, Sashihara and Shinoda has their special verison where they dressed in men's shirts.

What is this suddely came up smell of the end of Watanabe Mayu….???

HP's commercial
Mayuyu, Jurina and Paruru

Mayuyu, Jurina, Paruru, Annin, Mariyagi, Minarun to star HP’s new commercial

We're basically talking about Yukirin.

Becasue they choose talents based on their target customers, its likely that they picked Miichan, who is recognized by men over 30 more than Yukirin and Mayuyu.
Girls whose fan base is mainly consists of boys and girls are removed this time.

Kashiwagi's Ota are almost all middle aged men….




  1. KudoShinichikun says:

    LOL What do you mean by “Kashiwagi’s Ota are almost all middle aged men….”
    Yukirin is my oshimen and i’m only 19 years old LOL (or is it that 19 middle aged? LOL)

  2. Mario Medves says:

    “How poorly they treat 2nd and 3rd members…..”
    Never say never.
    Uza is a cool song and Yuko+Jurina fir perfect. Maybe the next song is more like kawaiish and Yuki+Mayu fit perfect too. If Jurina join Ohta i’m not surpise.
    I see the new Wonda CM and the footage from JIJI ( ) and i see Miichan alone. When i see the CM for the first time i didn’ see her and from video of JIJI when they are talking near the end i see Miichan far by the other girls. I’m the only one thinking that?

  3. A_GIL says:

    ”It’s no brainer that Ogi production wants her to leave AKB48 and focus on solo work. Because it will make more money.”
    Definitely, Ogi has been pushing a more solo Mayuyu, which I think is perfectly fine. It will make her more money and get her closer to her end goals. I don’t think it’s time for her to leave AKB48 just yet but I can see where this person is coming from.

    “Because she wants to be Seiyu and an actress, I think she’s approaching her goal just fine.

    Sure, she wanted to be Center, but I think if she wants to make the most
    of her unique personality, she’d better to improve herself by
    experiencing more professional work.

    I think it’s better for her to be Next Generation’s Mizuki Nana rather than being Next Generation’s Ace of AKB48…”
    I agree with this completely. I’m a Mayu oshi and I don’t want her to be the “Ace” of AKB48. I want her to be popular in AKB48 to the point where she can use it as a viable stepping stone to a much more lucrative career in show business but I don’t want her popularity to be so tied into AKB48 that people only think of her as Mayuyu from AKB and not Mayuyu, Watanabe Mayu. Being “Ace” is too heavily tied with being an AKB member and it may be harder to shed that stigma when she is looking for much more serious work. I think achieving her dream of being #1 is fine, but I don’t think she should strive to be like Acchan. I think Mayu has good potential as an actress and a Seiyu so I think Ogi is doing good with getting her these types of opportunities.

  4. omg … poor mayuyu, I think she really wanna be the next ace but she just can’t say it now, all she’s saying is “I wanna be No.1 on the next election.” But I know she wanna be an ace too. I saw a video where she was the substitute of Acchan in “everyday, kachuusha” and she looks very happy to be the center even though that’s only a substitute

  5. IceHism says:

    I wish Yukirin got more promotion by Watanabe pro. I really don’t get it. Unless yukirin is taking some serious vocal lessons (to help her singing get to a more professional level) or some serious dance lessons that she needs, i think they’re wasting her potential by not promoting her.

  6. kreepy says:

    these are merely fan’s opinion. You never know if she will be center or Ace later.

  7. Parker says:

    Mayuyu will be Center and number 1 for the next election..
    She growing so much to the perfect idol

  8. moofuq says:

    AKB wasted Yukirin’s talent. Well I don’t care if she don’t get any solo commercial. I just want her solo single.
    I think Yuki should leave AKB and join Sony Music so they will make her like Mika Nakashima.

  9. Peechan says:

    It is up to us not Ohta pro. Fan will design.

  10. Scotur says:

    Wondamina is so moe..