Yukirin was named as tourism ambassador for Kagoshima (and 2other topics on Acchan, Mayuyu and Kitarie)

  July 17, 2012

Yukirin was named as tourism ambassador for Kagoshima Prefecture

Osawa Tsuyoshi
She is now in the middle of photographing session for tourism PR poster for Kagoshima prefecture. We are now in Kagoshima.

Osawa Tsuyoshi
We paid a courtesy call to governor of Kagoshima, Itoh Yuichiro.
She was named as Satsuma ambassador (*Satusma: old name for Kagoshima)

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Footage from Our Center and Ace, Maeda Atsuko’s last handshake event

She is not in the new single…. Her last handshake is over….
I’m finally starting to realize that there’s not much time left for us to be with AKB48 Acchan…

AKB48 x Hotto Motto Web Limited Movie

Hotto Motto Mayuyu & Kitaria

It’s coming~~~~~!!
Unagi Bento, this time??

↑Then it will be only for Kitarie….

Oh so, Kitarie still talks to Mayuyu in Keigo.
Usually she calls her Mayu-chan and they look like very close to each other, so she use Keigo only in formal occasions??

A long ago, when they did “test your guts game” in the calcareous cave, Kitarie was talking with Mayuyu in peer language. So probably the reason why she used Keigo was because she was not only talking with Mayuyu but with the cameraman in front of her.

I will eat Teriyaki Hamburger Humbug steak  Bento a lot!!