Mitsumune Kaoru owned the portrait battle against Oshima Ryoka and Fujita Nana

  September 18, 2012
Mitsumune Kaoru 17:32

Yesterday’s ネ申camp, is there anyone who watched the program!?
As you know, I’m poor at cooking(´-`)

Well… I gave it a lot of thought about yesterday’s RyonRyon (Oshima Ryoka) and Naana-san (Fujita Nana)…. It’s full of malice LOL

Today I’m pondering upon various things too.


“圧力 (pressure)” LOL

Mittsu’s counterattack LOL

Pressure and Chibi….. LOL

But can’t say any complaint as she is an awesome artist….

Fujita Nana 17:38

Whoa!! I can’t sense anything but malice from this one!!


What is this “pressure” thingy anyway LOL

Mitsmune Kaoru 17:38

Did she just say she has a tremendous girly power!?
Fujita Nana 17:44

Why don’t you draw me in cuter way!!
Fujita Nana 18:24 9/17 18:24

Huh…. Because I’m such a nice senior, I forgive you~.

*ネ申 camp photo

Aigasa Moe 9/16

Moebanwa( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Today, ネ申TV broadcast the 1st episode of “Camp: Create a personal bond in 3gen members” (^^)

Is there anyone who’ve watched the episodeーー(・v・?)

If there’s anyone who haven’t watched the episode yet,
I worked hard, sweating so hard in the 2nd episode of the program!
So please check it out\(^o^)/(笑)

This is the first time for me to join Camp,
so it’s become a good memory of mine( ´ ▽ ` )ノ



Naan imposed a light pressure upon Mittsu~.

These portraits by Mittsu are actually well-drawn.
And she just deliberately made them look a bit horrific by putting some trick in their right eyes.
I’m a bit scared of Mittsu, somehow~. I have a feeling that she might have a dark thought in a bottom of her heart…

Naana-san’s right eye kinda looks like she is looking down people as she is imposing pressure upon them….. LOL
Mittsu is such observant to feel and sense personalities of people.

Mitsumune Kaoru 19:51 9/17

Who is this girl(∩´-)⊃=⊃

Uhmmm I’ve bee reading Sugichan-san’s blog like everyday lately.

[do action="g-comment-post" name="" datetime="9/17 19:56" image=""]Angel! Paruru-san!! Kawaii♥

Oshima Ryoka 9/17 20:28

Mitsumune Kaoru 9/17 20:39

You got it right!


Paruru. It’S a perfect portrait.

Why does Paruru look so pale in this photo!?!?

Oshima Ryoka 21:06 9/17

Hell! Mitsumune!!

Look at this one( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

This Calligraphy-like art is awesome, isn’t it?
Hell yeah!

Oshima Ryoka 21:06


Mitsumune Kaoru 9/17 21:21

Oh… somehow I look like Puppet?

By the way, this calligraphy is seriously difficult to talk about as it’s actually bad…. LOL

Fujita Nana 21:28

LOL Hehehe
Oshima Ryoka 9/17 21:30

Hell! Mitsumune! Did you just tell your honest impression!?


Naana-san! Will you draw another masterpiece!?

Fujita Nana 9/17 21:31

Ryon! You’re so funny!

Me? I think I’ve done enough of this(´-`)←

Oshima Ryoka 9/17 21:33

How about collaborate with me, maestro?
Fujita Nana

Ohhhh no no no I don’t mean I’ve gotten bored of it!!

Shimzaki Haruka 20:59

Whoa!!! Is this….!?!? Perhaps…!?!
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Who is this girl(∩´-)⊃=⊃

Uhmmm I’ve bee reading Sugichan-san’s blog like everyday lately.