Yuko Oshima Publicly Talks About Atsuko Maeda For The First Time After Her Graduation Announcement

  March 30, 2012

On 29th Mar, Yuko Oshima joined filming of new Dorama series called “Kaeru no Ozyo sama (Frog Princess)”.

After the filming Yuko Oshima took a time for many media reporters gathered up there. The question from media focused solely on Atsuko Maeda’s graduation. She said “Our attitude of going forward and keeping working hard to make dream come true will never change. I want to give her a supportive push. As for me, I work hard even more to be ahead of the flock.” expressing her determination to be an ultimate ace of the group.

Yuko Oshima in the left with Yuki Amami in the center

This is Dorama is starring Yuki Amani, former Takarazuka musical star, in which she rebuilds the female chorus club on the blink of dissolving. Yuko Oshima plays a role of senior university student who are failing her job hunting 53 times in a row. She talked about Drama, “‘Change myself’ or ‘Overcome something hard’, these are the feeling I have in common with her. I’m with many good singers in this Drama, so I am really inspired. Hope I can feed back this experience to AKB in some way.”

On 25th Mar, the night after Atsuko Maeda’s shocking graduation announcement, Yuko Oshima wrote her thought in her blog saying “I am drowing in the sea of emotions . I think I can’t wrote anything right now.” But 4 days after that she looked relatively relaxed. “Our positive rivalry and friendship will never change. As we had done before, we will inspire each other, giving energy and courage each other. We will continue exchange information, I think.” She said.