AKB48 Shinoda Mariko met Takarazuka star Ozora Yuuhi (and 2other stories on Mariyagi and Akicha)

  June 28, 2012

Takajo Aki uploaded a weird picture on G+!

Takajo Aki on G+

I had a lunch with Kitarie !!

The shop attendant gave me a message on the chit .

Lovely . ♪(´ε` )

Thank you very much !!

I think Ogiso-tan will be very much pleased to see this picture…. (Ogiso-tan is famous for her vulgar jokes)
This is written by a staff of cafe, right?
I think I saw the same kind of illustration before on Umechan or Sakiko-san’s G+ or something, which says “We are supporting you!!” written on a receipt.
So… why members like this weird cafe so much! lol

Kitarie on her blog

We joined the recording yesterday~~~~I look forward to the broadcast~~!

And today…..
I went to lunch together with Akicha!!


Don’t you thik “lunch” is such a nice thing~((*δεδ*))
This is cafe’s staffs classy offering!!

Mr. Osawa’s “wonderful offering” to Aki Takajo

Osawa Tsushi at Watanabe Production on G+

When I was checking the visual which is supposed to be uploaded to official website of French Kiss, I found Avex team were not so positive to put SP Takajo Aki’s combat scene in MV. So I ordered them to re-edit the video at 24:00 last night…….

Thank you Avex staffs to quickly respond my sudden order….

Aki Takajo on G+

(Shared Mr. Osawa’s post)
Take a sneak peek of Romance Privacy’s MV( ´θ`)ノ 

Aspiring model, Mariyagi held voting to decide her new G+ profile picture!

Nagao Mariya 6/27 23:45

Voting for my profile picture!! (or top page’s image?)

Plus 1 for the photo you prefer/(。△。*)


Kobayashi Marina “Zuuuuuu\(^o^)/”
Nakamura Mariko “You look like PamyuPamyu.”

Nagao Mariya
Voting to decide top page’s image!!

Please plus 1 for the photo you prefer/(。△。*)


Kayano Shinobu “Kawaii~~~~ This is Kawaii!! So….. because everything is so cute, how about change top page images once in a couple of days?”
Nakamura Mariko “Kawaii~~~”
Shimazaki Haruka “I like this one!”

Well, NG…. I think this is nice….

When did she take this professional like photo? lol

Erving (NGO’s agency) has a power….

Both are nice… I can’t decide!!!

 Nagao Mariya “I like this one!!!” (The first one)

Me too!!

I don’t like that one (the first one) because it looks like Kyarypamyupamyu!!

LOL I totally agree with you.

So total 2 patterns??

If so, I would choose the first one, where she wears blonde wig.

Mariyagi herself is cuter in the first pic, but as a photograph, the second one is much better.

I like the composition of the last one, but when her face will be very small when it’s used as  a profile pic, so I think the first one is better.

Uhmmm so Mariyagi release a photobook or something???

Because she wants to become a model, her agency prepared elaborate advertising materials for her??

Yeah, models promote themselves with self-made photobook to get jobs.

 Nagao Mariya “Oh….. are you serious.( ´°ω°`)
 Nagao Mariya “Well, actually I was pretty much leaned to the first one…..”
 Nagao Mariya “Uhmmm what should I do….”
 Nagao Mariya “I’m lost… ( ´°ω°`) “

By the way, now the second one has got three times as many votes as the first one.

LOL She should have changed without asking to  her fan…

If you’ve already decided, then why you let us voted lol

LOL So true…. when women cam’t make a decision and ask men for their opinions, it almost certain that women have already answers themselves….

I have an impression when asked which one I like from a girl, the first one most probably is her answer.

 Nagao Mariya

After all this one got by far many votes!
And I would like to respect your opinions.
By the way, I got a comment from Shinobu-san for the first time~/(。△。*)Yayyyy!!

 Nagao Mariya “By the way, I couldn’t imagine I got so many plus 1 (the second one got over 2,800 plus1)”
 Nagao Mariya  “I’m so happy with this.”
 Nagao Mariya “Thank you so much for your cooperation!!”
 Nagao Mariya “Bakaleya!”
 Nagao Mariya “Uhmmmmm I feel….”
 Nagao Mariya “I can shine more!!!”

Mariyagi-san’s new profile pic….. I can’t tell who on my Gugutasu stream…. (coz her face is so small in the pic.)

Watanabe Mayuyu went to watch Takarazuka Revue with Shinoda Mariko and Minegishi Minami

Minegishi Minami

Today, I will go to a certain place before going to work !!
It’s the first time that Mayuyu invited me, and I will be going out with her  

Well , I’ll take a bath and have my make-up done .

It looks like MiiMayu going out together.
Will they go to watch Takarazuka or somthing?
I’m not familiar with Takarazuka but it looks like Mayuyu’s favorite star, top Otokoyaku for Sora-gumi, Ozora Yuuhi-san’s graduation Revue series has started.
You may see them in Hibiya (the nearest station to Tokyo Takarazuka theater)

Shinoda Mariko

Together with Mayuyu and Michan, we went to the Takarazuka theater . ( *`ω´) I wanted to see Takarazuka one in my lifetime~~~♪ It was so cool♪ Mayuyu is an awesome guide about Takarazuka. lol

Somehow this is a funny trio lol

I thought they would date alone together, but Mariko also joined them.

Mariko-sama would be an awesome Otokoyaku…..
Though she can’t sing like them….

By the way, don’t think it’s so rare too see Mayuyu and Mariko meet together off time??

People would be mistaken Mariko to be a member of Takarazuka.

Minegishi “Oh….. no, no, I’m not Takarazuka…(///∇//)”

AKB Takarazuka-ize project is underway lead by next Ace……

Watanabe Mayu on G+

I went to watch Takazuka Revue Sora-gumi-san’s “Hanayakanarishi Hibi / Climax” with Mariko-sama and Miichan! This was my personal final day to watch this series…

Anyway, we have finally realized our long-awaited dream, “miracle encounter of Mariko-sama and Ozora Yuuhi-sama”. I felt like this is “The Dawn of Japan!!”
I feel so blessed for being born in this country!!

So Mariko could barely manage to meet Yuuhi-san!! Yuuhi-san will graduate 4 days later….

You know, Mariko surely had a mixed feeling…. When she was a junior high-schooler, she was thinking to apply to Takarazuka musical high school, though she gave it up because it was ridiculously highly competitive…. She applied to AKB’s audition because she heard they do “Revue”…. so At first, AKB’s concept kinda sounds like Takarazuka…

(From Takarazuka-fans thread)

For me, Ozora Yuuhi exactly looks like Sado…. Besides both likes curry rice…. Are they sisters separated soon after they were born?

Yuuhi said she is often told she looks like Mariko-chan. And sure, when you watch footage of her when she was as old as Mariko, they quite look alike.
I won’t be surprised when they say they are real sisters…..

So now Mariko-sama is watching Takarazuka…. I think Yuuhi fans are filled with heartfelt happiness…

Who is Mariko-sama??? Former Takarazuka star???

She is Yuuhi look -alike AKB member.

And finally Mariko-sama and Yuuhi met each other in the backroom ^^
Mayuyu, good job!!

Shinoda Mariko on twitter

I could talk to Ozora Yuuhi-san for the first time \(^o^)/ Actually I’ve been longing to meet her since long ago~ and Ozora-san told me the exact same thing, then we tool a photo together ♪

Mayuyu was smiling whole time…. she was so cute lol I went to watch Takarazuka for the first time after Maya Miki-san’s stage♪

It was so much fan~~~~! My passion for Takarazuka has been reignited!

I’m a fan of both Takarazuka and AKB. Yuuhi was the start for me to get interested in AKB as she often talks about Mariko….. This is… today is…. unforgettable day for me….