Mayuyu Descended Upon G+, Mariko Fished Mayuyu, Paruru’s Question etc.

  May 4, 2012

Paruru “What is this song???”

Paruru(島崎遥香) G+

“What is a name of a song which ends with this tune,

Jajaja, Jajaja,
Jajaja, Jajajajaja~n ?

I’m taking about this song with Annin! But I can’t think of it’s title!!
Please tell me everyone!!”

???? Some people answered Flying Get, but most of them said they have no idea.

“Oh I figured it out )^o^(
It’s Shonichi(初日)!!”

LOL I think Shonichi is like,

Ja~Ja~Ja~Ja~Ja, Ja~Ja~Ja~Ja~Ja, Ja~~~n


AkiP Talked To Crying Sashiko

AkiP G+

“I heard that Sashihara was crying hard, so I visited her to talk to her.
………………… It’s no wonder that she cries.
Um , all I could say was “Let’s go for next!!”

………… It’s a Sashihara-like story.

She is all right . She got better while we were talking .
Thank you . To all the fans, we don’t have to worry .
Sashiko was eating Uni spaghetti while crying .”

Fans reacted comments include “It’s an announcement of her 2nd single??” “Is this an annnouncemet that she will star a commercial for Spaghetti?”

Lost in Space Mayuyu Finally Found!!!

After a long time since we lost a sight of Mayuyu in G+ world, Mayuyu suddenly appeared herself with a simple word “Konbanwa”


Fans associate Mayuyu with rare monsters in Pokemon, saying “I found super rare pokemon~~~!”
Mayuyu G+
“I’m sorry for not updating my G+ for a long time.

I’d been out for long long journey….
Yes, long long journey…
During the journey I discovered a precious thing….

Yes, it’s… what, no…what are you doing!! Get off from me!!!!”
LOL Mayuyu descended upon us to divert Sashiko’s heated issue,  I think??
But she was so quick to depart for another journey…
Mayuyu G+
“Afterward, no one saw the figure of Mayuyu……”
Then Mariko-sama descended upon Mayuyu’s G+ with her signature sexy Askii Art!!!!!!!!!

Mariko G+

/(( *`ω´)イヤーン (sexy voice)
    ) , (|
      > )丿

DId you see that?(笑) (Did I see waht???? lol)”


Mayuyu G+

“いやん (Sexy Voice)”

lololololol Mariko finally succeed in arousing real-life angel Mayuyu!!
This super rare conversation is a herald of descends of other goddess who we’ve rarely seen in G+ like Yuko, Achan, Yukirin and most importantly Takamina?

Mayuyu G+
“I was watching Sashibingo, which I recorded.
I got high when I saw a poster of Musical legend of galaxy heroes! Because I watched the musical!!
Good night!

Lol she went to a dream world, leaving all fans nowhere….. By the way she is not only a huge Anime-fan, but also a really loyal fan of Takarazuka musical!! (I was born in Takarazuka by the way :D)

Mariko G+


Shiriri ω
( ( *`ω´)
/   つ
(_(_ )

*Shiri = booty
Can Mariko successfully fish Mayuyu by this????? BTW I think Mariko was waiting for Mayuyu with her hip revealed at this moment.
Mayuyu G+
“きゃあぁぁぁぁ (Joyful cry)
I love Mariko-sama’s hip! きゃっ(^^)”
Mariko G+

“Good night( *`ω´) We’ll get up 6AM tomorrow… I gotta go to bed.. though I’m not sleepy…(:o 」∠)__”

Mayuyu G+
Good night Mariko-sama!
I love you!
It’s a dream like night that our two Goddess were chatting in front of us, and on top of that we could see Mariko-sama (easily) fished Mayuyu with nonsensical Askii Art lol, uhmmm Last night was definitely the holy night 😀